Titanfall: Respawn Entertainment’s Big Middle Finger to Activision

The game primarily appeals to fans of the old giant robot shows and movies: Pacific Rim, Robot Jox, Real Steel, Transformers, and pretty much every robot-themed anime from the past 50 years. Of course this game embraces people that have been playing games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

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TomShoe1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I wonder how Activison feels, now that Microsoft has sunk money into one of CoD's main competitors. I can't imagine they're too happy about that.

DanielGearSolid1736d ago

Good point...

And then theres Destiny...

It's a pretty convoluted plot...

Not to mention EA's middle finger to playstation gamers

ltachiUchiha1735d ago

It is a middle finger to any other platform it isn't on but i bet they stuck their own middle finger up their own azz seeing the only chance they had to dethrone COD sales wise. Yes MS might have paid them quite a chunk to have it exclusive but u can bet that they would have made more money if they had it on all platforms. If they had it on all platforms, they had a good chance of beating out COD sales wise & that would have been more of a real middle finger to activision. Right now activision isn't feeling any pressure from TF because they also have Destiny which has a chance to be even bigger then COD. So EA screwed themselves.

N7KIRK1735d ago

If only there was a section of N4G for only investors and shareholders. Maybe then people would see how much of this banter is purely driven by consumers, who have to next to no knowledge of what the business behind their games are really like. Convoluted plots, a single game title, and a single deal with a company that holds a market capitalization of 9.2 billion, is nothing on the bottom line. The only single title big enough to sway a stock is Grand Theft Auto. All your arguments are pointless. Stick to resolutions, leave business to actual businessmen.

NeoTribe1735d ago

Well ea is gonna have to stick that middle finger of theres up there own arse because they missed out on major profit not releasing it on the most popular next gen console that liderally has twice the fanbase lol.

maddskull1735d ago

Yeah but EA's middle finger will get back to them and this is just the start I will be happy when ae will come begging us

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Fireseed1736d ago

Oh how I love the irony in what Activision did to West and Vince, and how it is now biting them in the ass :3

christocolus1736d ago

Activision made a mistake letting those guys go. They truly are a talented team.

shivvy241735d ago

If Activision gave freedom to do whatever they wanted back then they would have cod and titanfall

1735d ago
Thatguy-3101735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

How exactly is it biting their ass? They have COD and Destiny on their side. I'm calling it now that destiny will trounce all over Titanfall. In fact what this whole situation showed is that EA isn't any better than activision.

No_Limit1735d ago

Didn't Bobby K just got a 7 million plus bonus? I think Activision will be fine..they have destiny and the first true next gen COD coming out this year...the great thing is they will all be on XB1. Can't wait!

Soldierone1735d ago

Activision has nothing to worry about. If Titanfall keeps selling and stays relevant throughout the year, and the sequel gets high praise too, then they could say "well we lost that one."

Until then they are still dominant. They have COD and Destiny coming which could very easily destroy titanfall for all its worth.... Hate them all you want, when it comes to business they still have the upper hand until they truly slip.

pandehz1735d ago

I was expecting a picture of a Massive titan finger.

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