Unreal Engine-powered Sci-Fi Horror Adventure 'Caffeine' Gets A New Teaser Trailer

Incandescent Imaging has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming sci-fi horror adventure title, Caffeine.

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DonMingos1736d ago

Doesn't show much... But I'm loving the trend of so much horror games coming out... I mean non action horror games.

Welcome back

erathaol1736d ago

I'm looking forward too 'The Forest', 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture' and 'SOMA'

NeoTribe1736d ago

Sci fi horror... yes plz!

MrIreland1736d ago

That is the worst fucking trailer Ive ever saw.
45 seconds to open a door. Steps out to look out window. Sees space. Coming soon...

tigertron1736d ago

This looks just like Routine, not that-that's a bad thing. Hope it gets a PS4 release.