Is South Park Stick of Truth Really All That? Game Out Loud Podcast Episode 80

This week, Spencer joins Jordan, Colin and Rob. The OG crew corners Spencer to intervene on hisbehalf due to his insanity of playing Far Cry 3 (1:50). Jordan plays some shuffle board and then decides to break the laws of the Matrix and fly around SteelPort as a naked Asian lady in Saints Row IV(7:20) and Rob goes into the closet in Russian Valentine and hacks his way through Deus Ex(21:00). Oh, and Colin played Last of Us and Dark Souls.(46:40) Somewhere in there they talk about the history and future of boss fights in games and other random GOLP tangents.
After that, Colin leaves the men to fall down a hole of fantasy and fart jokes as they discuss the newest edition to the South Park ethos of video games: The Stick of Truth.(52:30) We cover just how much we enjoyed delving into the imagination of Matt Stone and Trey Parker as they drop us into a well rendered world that makes South Park feel like a real place. Or does it? How is the combat system? How is the story? Do the farts smell like real farts? We answer all these questions and more!
Stick around after the South Park conversation as Colin and Rob start our new section, Late To The Party, (1:31:40) for a in depth discussion on The Last of Us. Let us know what you think of this new section.

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