Xbox One Headset Adapter Sold for Two to Six Times the Price as Supply Fails Demand

Microsoft finally released the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter to allow users to use their favorite headset with the console, but unfortunately, it seems that the supply that is currently out there falls way short of demand. And by a lot.

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darthv721739d ago

Now this is the universal adapter which differs from the one included with the system itself. As that headset already has the appropriate connector to plug into the controller.

interesting that there would be such a high demand for this but then again there are some headsets that are much better that people would want to use instead of the supplied one.

They will likely get this sorted out sooner rather than later. Perhaps they were thinking many would just stick to the pack-in instead but it at least shows promise that people are wanting them.

Wizard_King1739d ago

Just another way MS is screwing the customer.

This "next gen" console cant even have a normal head set connected to either the controller or the system its self. No, no, no it has to be through a proprietary overpriced adapter plug that you cant get a hold of.

smh, smh hard at you poor sucks...

LoveOfTheGame1738d ago

Sony, proprietary memory cards
Nintendo, multiple required controllers

Every company does this, it's called business.

Bonkerz1739d ago

I still cannot find one, been searching since they launched, every single store around me bestbuy, gamestop, etc. Everywhere sold out :(

Kalowest1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I just got the X1 headset, because the adapter come with it also!

Since i work at GameStop I purchased the headset for $76.49. I'm not a gaming headset person, so i went for the best overall deal!

DanielGearSolid1739d ago

Do they tell you to promote Xbox over ps4? Cuz every Gamestop I go to in my area except one shows crazy favoritism towards x1

Darth Gamer1739d ago

I pre-ordered an adapter from gamestop and just returned it. I couldn't get it to work properly with my Afterglow PDP's. I actually think the chat part of it was broke, so, I just bought a pair of Turtle Beach XO SEVEN's and it comes with the same adapter and seems to work great. Love the sound from these.

jnemesh1739d ago

Know what would have been great? Having the ability to plug a standard headset into the game pad without an adaptor! Screw Microsoft and their proprietary BS. I am tired of being milked constantly for what should be standard! (like rechargeable batteries for the controller!)

Wizard_King1739d ago

I couldn't agree more, MS will and have thought of every single way possible to get more money from you at every single step.

People say PC gaming is expensive but I can't afford to become a console gamer with all the new fees and more expensive games, with guaranteed DLC that locks out parts of multiplayer if you don't buy etc. The controllers alone cost 100-120 bucks here in Australia.

Buy the time I'd have an xbox one, 2 controllers, 3 games and some DLC, a custom headset, Live gold..... Forget about the up-gradable hard drives lol.... Looking at over 1200 bucks easy

SheenuTheLegend1738d ago

sadly.. this is the truth..
look kids supported DLc and Xbox live and loook where we are now..
The both business schemes were needed to fail at start

nukeitall1739d ago

The new connector allows for better quality sound, interface and a whole host of improvments.

Why stick with the old?

An adapter for those that don't mind using their old stuff is a good compromise. Don't hold the people that want to move into the future back please!

testerg351739d ago

So Sony doesn't do their proprietary stuff? Those vita memory cards still expensive? I hated having to pay extra for Sony's memory for the PSP too.

Lawboy21739d ago

This is bs...I have both...and I was thinking the same thing..but when u plug it into the controller on the ps4 you can't control the volume or mute chat or anything like that which is a neat feature with the adaptor...don't get me wrong I think it's amazing what the ps4 controller can do but the adapter plus the XO fours are amazing....also xo fours work with ps4 ? clutch

sinspirit1739d ago

Something that can be done without a proprietary connector.

LoydX-mas1739d ago

MS is not using "proprietary" anything. The old standard OMTP 3.5mm headset is phasing out.

The new standard CTIA 3.5mm headset is being used by Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and .........since 2012....SONY.

The PS4 and Xbox one use the same headphone standard.

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JonnyBigBoss1739d ago

I have two in my possession (one came with my headset). Message me if you need one.

YingYng1738d ago

My order just shipped. Hopefully I'll have mine by the end of the week. Im also upset with gamestop for charging 5 bucks more than everyone else. Sure, Its 5 bucks but why are they charging more than everyone?