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Xbox Live Sign-In Problems Are "Not a Titanfall Issue"

Xbox Live is struggling with service issues but Microsoft insist it's not being caused by Titanfall. (TitanFall, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

Eonjay  +   323d ago
Seems a little disingenuous. If Titanfall is causing extra traffic (people downloading it, trying to sign in, people trying to get the system update), wouldn't that make sense. At least they are acknowledging that issue and are going to be give an update very soon.
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Mystogan  +   323d ago
It's not because of Titanfall because there are still many people playing it. It's just a sign-in issue. It doesn't have to do with the cloud. It doesn't have to do with Titanfall.

We've had these sign-in issues before and they get fixed ASAP. 1hour or less.
Wizard_King  +   323d ago
In Australia we have had this sign in issue for a long time and has not had any resolution, this being due to no local or Asian sign in servers available. This is probably a separate issue altogether but it just goes to show how unstable to XB1 live is compared to the rock solid Xbox360 live.

My local JB HiFi has had lots of returns from people not able to access the friend bar or sign into live for several days at a time, they have even warned people about this when they buy them.

So basically the MS guys are saying it's not that Titanfall is killing our servers they just kinda suck as is...
Kayant  +   323d ago
XB1 Azure servers were having issues earlier with TF/Forza 5 since those are the only games currently using it on the XB1 but those were resolved quickly.

"Hi Xbox members, are you running into issues matchmaking in Titanfall or Forza 5?" reads the update. "We'll take it from here. Our team is currently working to get to the bottom of this. We appreciate your patience while we investigate. We'll update you again in 30 minutes."

XBL live servers are the ones with the sign in issues. So yh it's not a TF issue anymore.
MightyNoX  +   323d ago
Is there any chance of it being due to malicious attacks?
Kayant  +   323d ago

I highly doubt it. Just seems like a similar issue to what PS4 went through at Christmas. Mass influx of new users trying to sign in at the same time.
Volkama  +   323d ago
No complaints from the PC side so you can assume the titanfall hosted is ok, as it's the same platform. Login server issues, it'd be nice to say it's all the extra consoles sold but I think they've had these kinds of outages a few times already.

Titanfall isn't even out in the UK, but I couldn't launch xbox fitness this eve.
Mr Pumblechook  +   323d ago
We believe you!
Ctiboi2010  +   323d ago
Yeah I'm definitely having issues with Xbox Live right now, I haven't been able to sign on for about 30 minutes. I don't care about the reason as much as I just want the issue resolved so I can play Titanfall. I didn't go to the midnight release at gamestop for nothing lol.

I'm sure it's not affecting everyone obviously but it sucks if you're one of the people it is causing trouble for.

And sadly I'm getting disagrees already for stating something that is actually happening to me, crazy lol
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Sarxblade  +   323d ago
That really sucks. :(. Sorry to hear your having this issue hopefully they do fix it soon for you guys. I was just playing at 12p till 4:30p had to stop to go too work at 5p (almost wanted to call off lmao) had no issues with the game or any sign in issues.
Ctiboi2010  +   323d ago
Yeah thanks man. I went to the midnight release party at Gamestop, went to work and was all hyped to play some Titanfall. I made it through the tutorial but as soon as I tried to play a multiplayer game with my buddy, Xbox Live gave me a messages telling me to try again in a few minutes. Hope you're enjoying the game though, hopefully things get settled soon so I can have just as much fun.
BX81  +   323d ago
I read your comment and checked to see if I would have issues. Got on Titanfall no issues. For xb1. Are you on one or 360?
rdgneoz3  +   323d ago
Titanfall isn't out for 360 yet...
Skate-AK  +   323d ago
Has to be Xbone. Titanfall isn't out for 360 yet.
BX81  +   323d ago
Oh yeah damn good point. I forgot two week dif. I had some sign in issues at 2am but not xbl. That sux though. I hope it stands up to the 360 release as well.
kewlkat007  +   323d ago
I agree .

I can't log in as well. I knew something would happen after everybody came home from work today.

New consoles on the system getting first day updates.
New game downloads
New accounts possibly
and Titanfall
B1663r  +   323d ago
Seriously, the news submission algorithm at n4g is totally broken now. You guys should just shut it down and burn the servers. Its too far gone to ever work again...
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UsUcK  +   323d ago
Same here. I'm sure it's to do with people dl Titanfall etc.
jb1276  +   323d ago
Having stumbled through many a MMO Opening Day - if it's popular and people are all trying to connect at once to a "beta" tested .. but not "battle" tested server(s).. you're gonna have a bad time... at least for a couple days while they constantly have the servers going down for "maintenance"

welcome to Day 1 :D
RedDragan  +   323d ago
Battle tested servers? Lol... Are you 12?

I suppose you call your bedroom a command centre!
Dudebro90  +   323d ago
Its a Microsoft account issue. My email is jacked up too.
xJumpManx  +   323d ago
Been logged in all day.
No_Limit  +   323d ago
Been on all day myself, not an issue. 1 bad apple in an apple tree does not auto make the whole batch bad. But in this day and age, only negative gets reported and people with working services and products will carry on with what they are doing. FACT
Wizard_King  +   323d ago
I hate to tell you mate that one bad apple in a box of apples leads to a whole box full of rotten apples in a very short space of time.
No_Limit  +   323d ago
Who said in a box, I said a batch of apple in a apple tree. Now, if it gets hack, goes out of service for 23 plus days and peoples account get stolen, then that is a bad apple in a box and affecting every apple.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   323d ago
This "Never happens on Live", "That's why we pay for Gold', "Microsoft has the best network"..

Ctiboi2010  +   323d ago
I don't know who you talked to that stated Xbox Live never has issues in the history of the online service but that's not the case. Unless you're just being sarcastic but I wouldn't take one event and make it seem as if Xbox Live is any less great as it is. The argument was probably that in comparison to other online gaming services Xbox Live is the most stable. In fact, I don't remember there even being a hiccup on Launch day which is pretty impressive. I would like to see some better free games on Xbox Live to better compete with PSN though, I like free stuff.
nukeitall  +   323d ago
Just consider yourself that this is a minor inconveniene instead of having PSN leak your information and expose yourself to risk of identity theft and having the network go dark for a month.

This is annoying, but there is no scheduled maintenaince where the entire network is taken down on Xbox Live unlike other platforms.

That said, Titanfall so far is f'in amazing!!! Haven't had a problem and I'm in CA. Lucky me! ;D
jnemesh  +   323d ago
Shades of Sim City, anyone?
kewlkat007  +   323d ago
This happened like 2 weeks ago..forgot why
BabyTownFrolics  +   323d ago
Son of a bitch, I just wanna play
N4GJD  +   323d ago
It's intentional so they don't overload the Titanfall servers! Otherwise it would be SimCity all over again, and create far more bad press!
RiPPn  +   323d ago
Nice of Microsoft to be honest here, it would be smart of them to say Titanfall has sold beyond their expectations to the point they have struggled to keep Xbox Live up because of the demand.
iceman06  +   323d ago
The only problem with THAT is that they would have to admit that their new server technology isn't able to handle the increased works loads that it was supposedly designed to handle. It's a catch 22 really. I think that they handled it best by just saying that they are working on the problem. Any bravado and they would be open to needless and unwarranted attacks. Let's be honest. How many multiplayer games have had a flawless launch. Not many that I can think of. It's just par for the course. TitanFall has brought a LOT more X1's to sign in at the same time. Much like PS4's Christmas issues, and the past 360 Christmas issues, it's just increased traffic. At least that's what makes the most sense.

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