Xbox LIVE Experiencing Titanfall Sign-In Issues

Twinfinite writes, "No doubt thanks to the massive release of Titanfall today, Xbox LIVE is currently facing technical issues, with players not able to join in on multiplayer games."


Please remove 'Titanfall' from title as it is apparently no longer part of the issue.

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KrisButtar1687d ago

That is a good sign, it means TF is selling like hotcakes

nicksetzer11687d ago

This was stated last night, and a patch already released. Not only that, it had nothing to do with signing in.

G20WLY1686d ago

Just to let you know, PC has had no issues, using Origin.

mewhy321686d ago

It's true. Titan Fall is selling well. With it not being an xbone exclusive and selling across 360, xbone, and PC it should be.

ThePope1687d ago

We already knew that was going to happen

Godmars2901687d ago Show
ThePope1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Does your hate fill you with happiness or is it an in an effort to fill a void.

And you can see from the above comments it had nothing to do with THE (proper English) "cloud".

SG1_dapunisherX1687d ago

believe the hype... The Rise Of TF Start Now!

lolCHILLbro1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Titanfall sign in issues? makes no sense change the title, ethier people are having trouble signing in or they're not, there is no Titanfall sign ins, why do we need fanboy bait titles?

edit: forgot N4G lol

mhunterjr1687d ago

It probably does mean Titan fall has sold a lot, and has a lot of concurrent users (it handled 2million at once during the beta) ... There's nothing good about not being able to use a product you've paid for.

BX811687d ago

Haven't had an issue today other than some lag

Games_R_Us1687d ago

Agreed! I'd happily sit here and know that Titanfall could bring down XBL with its huge demand. fingers crossed thats the case.

dale_denton1687d ago

you bots are so delusional it's not even remotely funny anymore. i think y'all might need personal help.

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polow got sol1687d ago

The game is selling off the charts, last time I saw a game break live like this was halo 3.

Christopher1687d ago

Or... perhaps GTAV... which broke sales records like crazy.

jb2271687d ago

Where are these sales statistics you are referring to? I've never heard of those stats being released the same day.

Ra30301687d ago Show
liquidhalos1686d ago

Its a bit crazy that its broken live if you consider the fact that it uses the power of the cloud which is meant to quadruple the power of every single Xbox One sold

Kayant1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Well there goes that myth that azure servers are *magical* and fail proof to mass demand.

Maybe people can stop with those kind of claims now.

Hopefully the issue is fixed soon.

A good sign that a lot of people are playing.

Brim1687d ago

actually the cloud has nothing to do with not being able to sign into XBOX LIVE ...

Kayant1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Yes because you connect to the air when gaining access to your account in order to play a game *online*. XBL servers run on fluff.


Yep absolutely nothing to do with *servers* powering the backend of the service.

Are you sure you know what the term cloud means.


It's affecting both TF and Forza 5 and some people signing in. Read the support page.

Brim1687d ago

So i guess the cloud is the reason that people cannot sign into their Screen names.. Even though others are playing titan fall with no problems whatsoever? oh ok

Mystogan1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

It has nothing to do with titanfall.
majornelson already confirmed.

The cloud has nothing to do with it. People are still playing their games online. Its just a sign-in issue. Only a handful seems to be affected by this.

devwan1687d ago

Take whatever larry hryb says with a pinch of salt. If he said jump I'd be sure to duck.

Tedakin1687d ago

I can't sign into my account at all today........... keeps saying "can't get you in. try again in a few minutes." Blarg.

Felinox1687d ago

Seriously. I had a huge argument with my wife about playing uninterrupted. Now I can't even sign in.

Immorals1687d ago

Hopefully it'll all be sorted by the time I finish work on Friday and pick up my copy (darn you UK late launch!).

Though I feel my sign in issue will be wrestling the gf off of peggle 2

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