3 Reasons Why Titanfall Hurts The Industry

"Respawn’s Titanfall has just launched and having already generated a lot of hype, the title promises a strong and consistent multiplayer component, worthy of tackling the already-famous Call of Duty reputation. But while it does deliver it, more or less, it seems like the title could have been a lot more, but it may be limited by bad developing decisions, risking to hurt the gaming industry in the process. Here are 3 reasons which I think pull the game down, keeping it from living up to its full potential."

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Buff10441741d ago

Here's what's good for the industry: lots of people buying lots of games and consoles. If this is one of the games that makes that happen, it is only a great thing for the industry. I don't get articles like this.

Godmars2901741d ago

By "lots of people" do you mean new casuals, or the exact same people who buy COD/Battlefield/every other FPS?

Team_Litt1741d ago

Does it matter? Money being spent in the industry is a good thing, no matter what group is doing the spending.

UnHoly_One1741d ago

Why does there have to be "casual" and "hardcore" gamers?

Why can't everyone just be "gamers"?

I don't see a reason to separate us into categories.

Godmars2901741d ago

Then you likely bought a Wii, didn't buy any games for it aside from WiiSports, and thought that the WiiU was only the tablet.

You also see no problem whatsoever with everything being an iOS game.

As someone that not into FPS, really not into competitive ones, I'm not seeing any general benefit in another COD-like game being made the deal its being made into. Especially when it cuts corners and is only online multiplayer.

I'd like to see something more than personal perspective shooters which requires being online and playing with others. If I want to play with others I can go to a park.

Team_Litt1741d ago

Just because you don't see any benefits based on your preferences does not mean that the benefits do not exist.
The gaming community is made up of millions of individuals with varying preferences. I'm not too hot on MMO's but I'd be a self centered oaf if I believed WoW was of no benefit to the gaming industry.

Remember industry? Yeah, as in the money making side of the hobby we share? Successful products lead to better job security for the people that make our games. I for one like it when people aren't getting laid off every other week due to financial issues.

Godmars2901741d ago

"The gaming community is made up of millions of individuals with varying preferences."

And you're trying to use that argument in defense of a specific, MP-only, game. While I'm trying to address the concerns of the general gaming community.

As for "industry" this is the industry trying to make a profit for the least amount of effort. Chiefly meaning not having to go to the expense of crafting a SP campaign. With the more examples of this kind succeeding, the less chances that AAA SP games will be made.

UnHoly_One1740d ago

I did have a Wii. I have a handful of games for it. Mario Galaxy was awesome.

But overall I thought the console was garbage and I don't even have it hooked up anymore.

iOS games are fun for a couple minutes.

I don't see what point you are trying to make. Check out my XBL tag if you want to see what kinds of games I play, if you insist on categorizing me.

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Kayant1741d ago

First point -
EA got their money sure they could get a lot more by releasing it on PS3/PS4 but am inclined to think MS paid quite a bit for the full exclusivity. For respawn it probably sucks as it was meant to grace another platforms after a 1 yr(if the leak is to believed) going by Vince Zampella tweet at the time when the deal was done. However, it probably was good for them as a start-up as they got the close support and backing from EA and MS. Also from the ads it would seem MS are doing majority if not all the advertising so far so am sure EA are happy about that.

Second point is understandable.

Third point -
TF not being a graphical showpiece doesn't really affect the industry or the FPS market. The game is what it is. It was never going to be a graphical showpiece. Although some of the issues like this -> are said to see. It has achieved what it set out which is great gameplay with some refined gameplay mechanises we have seen in other games.

BX811741d ago

My three reasons are as follows... Snarf snarf snarf!

DanielGearSolid1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

The only thing bad for the industry is a good game not being on as much consoles as possible solely because of a publishers greed

Everything else is whatever

BX811741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Then buy a 360/xb1 or PC that's 3 platforms right there. It doesn't have to be on every platform that's what ignites the competition. They have to try and one up each other. Just my opinion though. Also that wasn't me who disagreed.

DanielGearSolid1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

No thx...

Don't like Xbox, had a 360, it died, moved on

Don't game on PC's

I'm not saying MS is wrong for differentiating its console over its rival

But the only competiton being bred here hurts the consumer more then it helps

All this means is if the game gets a huge following, EA... Greedy as they are is gonna probably try and squeeze even more cash for exclusity in the sequel, and if they really get cocky they might demand MS or Sony pay for the "privilege" of having the game on their console. At which point I think that money can be spent on better things, like more new games!

BX811741d ago

I hear ya. What do you game on then if you don't mind my asking? Ps4/wii u?

DanielGearSolid1740d ago

Right now ps3 only

360 died and wasnt getting much exclusives so I didn't get another

Gave away my Wii only had it for a few jrpgs

Plan on getting ps4

BX811740d ago

Ps3 has some excellent games. Tlou is probably my favorite game now.

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