Soapbox: Live from PlayStation Is PS4's Secret Killer App

Push Square: "As a part of the media that trades primarily in words, I’m told that my role will be redundant soon. Reading is still a popular means of acquiring information, but gaming is a visual medium, and improving broadband speeds are making video a much more viable option. This can be evidenced all over the Internet, where broadcasters such as PewDiePie are able to reach the kind of audience that I can only dream of. Despite the numbers sitting right in front of me, though, I’ve never really worried too much about the emerging Let’s Play culture, quite simply because it didn’t really appeal to me. However, as I’ve started to use the PlayStation 4’s underappreciated ‘Live from PlayStation’ application a little more, I’m gradually beginning to understand the draw."

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ArchangelMike1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Seeing as I don't have a PS4 Camera, I don't use the feature. I guess it's one of the trade-offs Sony had to make by not including the camera in the box. i'm can honestly say though, that i'm happy with the trade-off.

parentoftheyear1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I don't have a camera either, I wish I did. But nope all the rednecks and drug dealers own them. (You will know what i mean if iu have ever wused the app). Can't find one anywhere. My favorite is remote play. It fits to my life so well. My wife wants me to spend time with her and watch TV but I just just remote play...she seems fine with that. BTW just bought COD ghosts a few days ago for $40, I hate online gameplay. I'm a battlefield fan, so I picked it up for single player. I am not dissapointed seeing as how I habnt played a cod since modern warfare. Anyways. LoL it had the absolute BEST utilization of remote play I have seen. Its fantastic. I was trying to throw a genade and got all pissed and finally game up, until I touched the screen and it launched a grenade... I was like whaaaaaaa. Now that was fantastic. Cause the lack of r2 l2 r3 l3.

ThatOneGuyThere1736d ago

remote play has basically solved all of my marital problems too :-D

Milesprowers1736d ago

It be nice to broadcast the ritual slaughter of PewDiePie Live from Playstation

Mister_G1736d ago

I was watching 'Live with Playstation' tonight and some guy was playing Dead Nation.

I voted a few times (to affect his game) and then one of the zombies in his game had my gamer tag, cool!! Lol :)

hkgamer1736d ago

Live from playstation is pretty decent. Definitely could be improved alot, or maybe it has things which I am not aware of.

I personally think that its time it gets an update which gives the broadcaster more UI functions, twitch app on xbone has it almost spot on.

I also don't see the point in seeing the broadcasters UI. why not just give us a fullscreen of the game?

Jeff2571736d ago

Well I expect that Live From Playstation and the way Twitch works will definitely be improved as time goes on. I certainly hope they also give an option to upload directly to youtube instead of the hoops that you have to jump through now. Anyway it is still very early in the life of PS4 and as more people use it and give feedback Sony can work on changing it up.