Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales Bite The Dust

After selling 60,000 Oculus Rift units Oculus VR has announced it's temporarily ending development kit sales.

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alextdarling1741d ago

Hope they find new manufacturers pretty soon.

lashes2ashes1741d ago

They are just stopping sales of the first gen dev kit. I assume developers can just get the new version instead.

Clover9041741d ago

What are you talking about? Look for a newer dev kit coming soon.

papashango1741d ago

Occulus Rift started producing kits with higher resolution screens and better hardware.

They stopped sales of the first generation older tech models. Writer doesn't have any clue what's going on here.

SilentNegotiator1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Reading the title I was afraid that they were going to need to do a phase two kickstarter that so many companies seem to do these days.

Stupid clickbait title.

alextdarling1741d ago

did you not hear? their suppliers have stopped making some of the crucial parts

lemoncake1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Onto the next gen of dev kits, the title of this article is terrible.

RebelWAC1741d ago

Horrible indeed. I mean people complain about "legitemate" sites publishing articles with misleading titles to lure hits, then we got these characters using the exact same formula AND on top of that having the audacity to tell people to read the article before commenting whenever they receive backlash....I just laugh.

Visiblemarc1741d ago

Yeah, it's such a huge problem lately. The worst part is that click-bait is extending beyond desperate websites into more "legitimate" ones and now influencing what is now classified as "news." As a consequence, the focus of gamers and the industry as a whole is getting trashy, confusing and wasteful.

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