Xbox One Game Preloads Are On The Roadmap

Responding to a reddit thread about download release times for Titanfall, Xbox Live's Major Nelson said that "A better digital experience is on the roadmap. Preloads, unlock by timezone etc. are all things we want to roll out for Xbox One. Those features are simply not available yet."

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Fireseed1653d ago

Pre loads will probably be the thing to get me to buy my copies digitally from now on.

alextdarling1653d ago

they need to sort the prices out first

Bonkerz1653d ago

What do you mean sort out the prices? Majority of games that come out brand new are 59.99. I know at some random times there are sales, but thats when i will buy the disc. If they can get the preloading down, i will definitely go fully digital as that would be a nice perk.

n4rc1653d ago

Already download all my games.. But waiting until 3am for titanfall was annoying.. Preload or timezone release would fix that

Fireseed1653d ago


That's what he means and I agree with him. Around 15$ of that 59.99 is the shipping, handling, and packaging of the game. If it's digital why should it be 59.99? personally if I saw it drop to even 50$ I'd be happy.

JBSleek1653d ago

Which is a hard thing to do without upsetting retail stores and chains.

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Mr Pumblechook1653d ago

Doesn't the Xbox One have preloads?

Bonkerz1653d ago

Thats a pretty dumb question to ask since the article is about Preloads being worked on to come later..

kewlkat0071653d ago

Who read articles...Why article?

Jsoc1653d ago

No not yet.... I had to wait until 3 am EST to start the download of Titanfall....

Fishy Fingers1653d ago

They (both consoles) need to take a long hard look at how Steam operates.

likeaboss3021653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

With the size of these new games it's a must have feature. With MS originally going hardcore digital download I'm surprised this feature wasn't available day one.

ABeastNamedTariq1653d ago

That would be really awesome, and much appreciated.

kewlkat0071653d ago

Thank you...they are listening.