Meltdown Preview | GIZORAMA

Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "Meltdown received rave reviews prior to it’s Steam debut. Set against a captivating sci-fi backdrop, the action game invites players to follow its main character, Zed, as he tries to shoot his way out of the remote space station that he has been trapped on as a result of a system malfunction. A fun, tactical arcade shooter, Meltdown offers 30 single player campaign levels and 3 big boss battles with plentiful weapon and character upgrades. You have two weapon slots and a melee weapon, and your character–a Lego-looking, Chuck Norris-Rambo dude–kills a variety of enemy bots and killer drones in a sci-fi battle zone. The environment, when highly rendered, offers impressive explosions and a pronounced starscape to complement relatively sleek graphics."

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