Is Titanfall's lack of singleplayer a sign of things to come

Funstock argues that Titanfall's lack of single-player is to be expected - as is Metal Gear Solid V's rumoured two hour campaign - and why we should learn to live with it.

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mewhy321737d ago

Well lets hope that titanfall isn't a sign of things to come for next gen. 792p resolutions, well infact, resolutions below 900p should be unheard of.

Irishguy951737d ago

Neither should below 60FPS. But well, we all know how that is.

Outside_ofthe_Box1737d ago

Why are people acting like Titanfall is first game to be MP only? It isn't the first and it isn't the last. People are overreacting like how SP only games were gonna die because of tacked on MP.

Insomnia_841737d ago

No MP only game has wonna GOTY.

Just saying.

antz11041736d ago

Well think about how many games HAVENT gotten GOTY and have still been really good. It is possible.

Patashnik1737d ago

I think in the short term at least, developers have to compromise. I'd be interested to see how many compromises, if any, Bunjie make with Dedtiny - which seems both massive, multiplayer and is playable alone.

OllieBoy1737d ago

I really, really hope not.

admiralvic1737d ago

"Is Titanfall's lack of singleplayer a sign of things to come"

Its not. Multiplayer only games have existed in the past (for instance MAG) and they didn't vastly change the gaming landscape. It will simply be an option, which some games will opt for and other games won't.

DaveyB1737d ago

If you look back at early games in any generation, developers have to make a compromise in order to get their games to market in good time. If Titanfall did have a single player campaign we probably wouldn't have seen it for a long time yet.

I'd rather have something toplay, even if it is just multiplayer.

A good multiplayer though! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.