Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Map Preview Images

MP1st - Reddit user Jrb1x has posted these images of Naval Strike’s four new maps; Lost Island, Operation Mortar, Nansha Strike, and Wave Breaker.

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crusf1736d ago

Game works fine now stop trying to get agrees by holding a grudge. It's pathetic frankly :/

Detoxx1736d ago

Yeah I don't get it either, the game has been working fine for a while now.

Tru_Blu1736d ago

It's not fine. I was playing last night and the rubberbanding and lag is still a big problem. The only thing fixed is it no longer crashes.

Pudge881736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@Crusf....Game is still broken @$$ hell on PS4. Just because your not having problems doesn't mean others aren't and I'm gaming on 50 MBPS. Lag, connection issues, kill cams dissappearing and the list continues. Every time dice patches more issues appear than fixes.

Detoxx1736d ago

The wisdom of the 3 bubbles has spoken.

Minimox161736d ago

I can confirm that the Ps3 version still have problem, more when I play obliberation It freeze at the end of the match and then I didn't get the points of the match :S grrr (but at least ribbons save) others modes work fine for me and I was able to get my platinum a few days ago :D, But in ps4 its working fine a long ago :D

OmegaShen1736d ago

I love how people say theres nothing wrong with it, just means they haven't played it or just do story.

The game is broken, the glitch from BF3 on Metro reminds in Metro 2014 for BF4 an about everything else like long reloads on your weapons or the zero health glitch (which doesn't happen much now). 20GB's of videos of glitches on BF4 I have on my PS4. Been posting them to.

inmusicutrust1736d ago

Story is still broken actually and I play on the ps4 and have very few issues. Maybe a couple Rubberband snaps in a match not really a big deal.

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Az1mov1736d ago

such tiny images are previews now. gaming websites what have you become???

Kennytaur1736d ago

Yay, water! Should be fun.

angelsx1736d ago

Still rubber banding and the kill cam is mess on ps4

bosoxs5051736d ago

Carrier Assault is going to be fun!

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