Why Mashing Buttons in Games is Stupid

One thing that game designers need to remember is that in order to engage and possibly immerse a player you need to connect with them mentally as opposed to physically. This is basically the reason why the Nintendo Wii wasn’t quite the revolution we were promised. When it is all said and done; nothing reminds you faster that you’re playing a silly videogame than a control scheme which constantly demands that you flail plastic objects around for its own amusement.

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alextdarling1744d ago

in my opinion the "controller mashing" part in mgs4 WAS AMAZING

LAWSON721743d ago

My fingers got fatigued and I felt Snakes pain, lol. Very immersive

PoSTedUP1743d ago

i agree, it completely added to the tension, immersion, excitement and EMOTION.

Saurian1743d ago

This is another example of new/young gamers being completely baffled by long established gaming conventions. Even the terms they use, "mashing", is completely wrong and just illustrates their lack of basic knowledge.

You don't "mash" the button, as in, you don't clumsily stab at it like the author of this piece seems to do. Rather you "trigger" the switch using a slight, but rapid motion. It's a skill which you develop over time and as a game mechanic I feel it is a very good way of making the player feel the physical exertion of a particular moment.

I know most modern gamers want games to be passive entertainment, but I wonder if they would actually still be interested in the medium if/when they finally get their way. When you swing all the way over to what these people want out of games, what you end up with is a film.

BeganwithNes1743d ago

The button mashing is not that bad in south park. It actually leads to hilarity in the parts that it is used.

Snookies121743d ago

I was watching my friend play my copy, and there's that scene with Kyle/Cartman in school... Those who played the game know which one. He was laughing so hard trying to tap the button, he almost couldn't do it. That was the perfect use for button tapping.

NiteX1743d ago

There was only one part that it went overboard and now I'm thinking it just bugged out. Besides that I love it, it works very well and it's not overdone.