Watch Dogs PC Requirements Revealed: Will They Sway Your Decision?

Will the reveal of the minimum requirements help your decision on which version to get?

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Nightcrawler9131561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

A little confused, so for the requirements listed you need to have a really good PC?

SteamPowered1561d ago

The minimum requirements are the pretty high. And it doesn't look too graphically demanding. It's an odd combo.

lets_go_gunners1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

I can run Crysis 3 on high but I can't even touch watch dogs...6gb of ram, quad core processor and 64 bit OS. They went overboard.

wannabe gamer1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

the only thing high about it is the ram. the cpu is not high and the gpu is not really high either. the only people that this will seem high to are the ones still using setups that are already not ideal for current games on the market.

no one should be using 4gb of ram still and expect to get good performance out of current AAA games.

a 1GB GPU is not a high requirement either, look at most cards on the market 1GB is low. a 512MB GPU is just asking for trouble

PC games have been using 20+ gigs of HDD space for a couple years now. Max Payne 3 is a bit over 33GB and its nearly 2 years old now.

Quad core CPU and 64bit OS are old news man come on that is not a high expectation. for as long as they have been available it is not unreasonable by any means.

how can we expect games to get bigger better and evolve into the next thing if we keep holding onto old tech that has been outdated for years already. if you dont have a quad core cpu and a 64x OS then you are just behind plain and simple

SteamPowered1561d ago

You nailed it with the RAM. That's more what I was aluding to with the minimum requirements being a bit steep.

ProjectVulcan1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Yep, it's the amount of RAM. However COD Ghosts was also that high and then proven it doesn't use remotely as much and was an artificially high requirement.

A mod came to bypass it.

We'll see if Watch Dogs really needs all that RAM, cos if it doesn't, someone will bypass it within days if it's actually a requirement to execute, I guarantee it.

I have my suspicions it'll probably run perfectly fine on 4GB RAM. Mainly because it's still a multi generational game. The lower settings will probably be closer to the PS3/360 versions and it would be mad to use that much system memory still.

Other than that it's pretty standard minimum specs these days

wannabe gamer1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

@SteamP ah ok got ya we were on the samepage.

@vulcan A game like this I could see actually needing the extra ram vs CODGhosts. COD has a long rep for small levels and such. an open world game like watchdogs is going to have huge world and will benefit from a large viewing distance and Level of Detail. high ram and vram can prevent pop in when looking to the distance and allow greater detail at such distance with so many objects on screen and a dense urban environment like the digital world of chicago

@Lets_go_gunners Crysis is beautiful yes but it isnt a huge open world game. it has high res textures and without them it would be really plain and probably ugly.

UltraNova1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )


Man I m playing Crysis 3 now maxed out at 2560x 1440 / 65FPS and let me tell you there's nothing ugly about it!

Volkama1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

The requirements aren't that steep. It would run on any mid-range gaming rig from the last 3 years.

It's a bit odd that they don't cater for lower specs because it's a cross-gen game, so there is a 360/PS3 version kicking around that is obviously less resource intensive but that must be a very different animal on the back end and not just something you can scale down to.

wannabe gamer1560d ago

@UltraNova ...i didnt say it IS ugly. you need to read my comments again.

UltraNova1560d ago


The fact that the game isn't open world didn't bother me a single bit. The level design is pretty good and it has a huge scale almost like an open world game.

You did hypothesize that if certain elements where missing it would be ugly..

Generally speaking, we the gamers bitch about a lot of things all the time lets not start bitching about things that are there and act like they weren't, that would be a new low.

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LAWSON721561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

No, CPU at least AMD is $80-100, which could run on the newer 750k which is $80. This CPU is probably IMO the lowest recommended for gaming.

RAM usual 8GB which is recommended for any gaming machine is about $70-80

I would say any current gaming recommended GPU is 1GB with DX11 support. I honestly think that is too broad because I dont see something like a GTX 610/hd 5450 running this game lol (though I could be wrong since the game is playable on last gen).

Metallox1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

I don't know... I have been looking for a nice RAM but money isn't enough. For now my only option it's purchasing the Wii U version, because I refuse to buy it for 360 if it's going to be better either on Xbox One and PS4 anyway,and I'm planning to buy one of those consoles next year; at least the Wii U version might have cool Gamepad features.

LOL_WUT1561d ago

But the WiiU version doesn't have any release date nor have we seen any actual footage of the game running on Nintendo's platform, for all we know it could get cancelled. ;)

Metallox1561d ago

Forgot to mention that possibility, but hey, we haven't seen last gen footage either. Why? Because that's part of Ubisoft's marketing. Don't mention the Aisha's trailer or whatever, because, according to Morin, it was a montage. But there wasn't mention of any platform anyway, so it's not a problem the absence of footage of the Wii U version.

wannabe gamer1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

dude ram is cheap, if thats all you need to upgrade then you could get way way more ram than needed for the price of a Wii U, seriously.

wait you say you wont get it for 360 cause xbone/ps4 will be better than 360 version....but you you buy a wii U and the game for it...... that makes no sense ESP when you say you plan to get a xbone/ps4 later. you will just end up spending more money in the longrun and have a wii U sitting around wasting space

Metallox1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Not in Mexico. It doesn't matter, anyway. The PC version it's the highest probability for me. It will be very difficult to find the Wii U version too, so let's discard that xD

@wannabe gamer (2nd reply) Perhaps. I have shipped many games from Amazon and eBay, the problem is that they get more expensive, due to taxes,and it would happened the same to any PC data storage.

wannabe gamer1561d ago

you cant order online and have it shipped? im just saying there has to be a way since its cheap elsewhere. get a US friend to ship to you if possible.

ginsunuva1561d ago

Looking for a nice RAM?

LAWSON721561d ago

My rig is over requirements except for HDD (putting loads of effort into compression of media until I get a larger HDD) and RAM, which is already a problem with BF4. My rig uses 2GB pretty much constantly and the other 2GB is not enough for 64 player conquest. Strangely it is the only game that I have ran out on yet in the past year. COD Ghosts supposedly needs 6GB of RAM but the 2GB my machine spares had no issues running the game.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1561d ago

This is why consoles are nice. You don't have to worry about stuff like this. Sure you lose a few frames and textures but hey.

MegaMohsi1561d ago

The RAM is the only steep requirement, I have 8 gb ram i7 OC processor and a gtx 660 with 3 gb of vram. I'll likely need to upgrade from 8 gb to 12-16 for watch dogs or get it for PS4

Raider691561d ago

If it need 6Gb of ram and you have 8Gb you dont need to upgrade the ram!

MegaMohsi1561d ago

That's minimum requirements though, recommended could be over 8 gb

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