inFAMOUS: Second Son’s “Mind Boggling” Unannounced Power is Something Everyone Uses Every Day

A few days ago inFAMOUS Brand Development Director Ken Schramm teased an "absolutely mind boggling" power part of a yet unannounced power set that will be included in inFAMOUS: Second Son. Today he dropped more details about what it isn't and what it is during a conversation with Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockeers.

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styferion1737d ago

or internet
he can use google to search the enemies embarassing status updates.

805Junior8051737d ago

@Styferion I Lol'd so hard

Black-Helghast1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Something we use everyday hmm...

Internet powers confirmed?

Edit: Lol, nvm Styferion called it first. :c

ZodTheRipper1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Now I'm almost sure it's paper, what else could they mean with that? Although I'd hope for some anti-gravity or magnetic stuff.

Abriael1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

@zod18: that was one of the guesses I tried, so probably not :D

FamilyGuy1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

brain ("mind boggling" a hint)
light / the sun
cell phone

PoSTedUP1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

not eveyone uses electricity or waves (well maybe brain waves and frequencies, but..). id say Lung power; inhale enemy gunfire and spit it back out at them. how sick would that be?

LonDonE1737d ago


gatormatt801737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

They said everyone inveni0, Lol... Not just what you use everyday.

infamousinfolite1737d ago

"Mind Boggling" it's something that we wouldn't think can be used as a power.

Sashamaz1737d ago

Clearly its the right hand...or left.

mep691737d ago

If its hearing and it makes him see an outline of enemies through walls, I'm not buying it.

Omegasyde1737d ago

Power of poop.

Deslin can transform into Mr. Hanky and fast travel via the Seattle sewer system and kill via enemy suicide by constipation or projectile diarrhea.

....Yea, I went there.

thorstein1737d ago

It's Gas! Petrol! Fuel!

And it will be awesome!

Sevir1736d ago

Ink, lead, paper, plastic.... That's all the modern everyday used things I can come up with.

moparful991736d ago

I think its water.. Water is a powerful substance, cant be compressed which multiplies force(hydraulics) and has qualities that make it a great weapon. Can be frozen for hard weapons, projectiles, bridges, immobilization etc.. Can also be converted to a super heated gas for flight, weaponization, traversing the city through pipes or other conduits (no pun) etc...

Ezz20131736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

"is Something Everyone Uses Every Day"

it can't be Brain...because no one use their Brains any more

EDIT: @ultranova
so is it Fart ?!

UltraNova1736d ago

Silent but deadlys ?...??

inveni01736d ago


I'm a dude. And it's a scientific fact that forcing your body to reabsorb sperm can cause your body to build up antibodies against sperm, which can lead to sterilization.

So, for mens' health, don't forget to pick up a copy of Second Son and start keeping a fresh flow!

gatormatt801736d ago

Inveni0, I kinda figured you were a dude. I was just kidding with you.

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Paulie_gualtieri1737d ago


Pretty sure it's electricity.Tho it won't be a copy and paste of cole's

assdan1736d ago

I think the author's idea for radio waves is a decent guess.

hulk_bash19871737d ago

Ohh my, with all that power and might, Deslin Rowe will use the ultimate power of Google to destroy the DUP. Haha in all seriousness I can't wait to see what it actually is.

camel_toad1737d ago

Its the toilet. I knew it!

WickedLester1737d ago

The power of farting! Methane power awaits!

ceballos77mx1737d ago

Douchebag from stick of truth already has that power

k2d1736d ago

Damn! I really thought no one would have said that n yet. Internet, you win again.

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GrandTheftZamboni1737d ago

Not into a body of water though, as his pee is electrically charged.

princejb1341737d ago

Water, or mind control powers

hulk_bash19871737d ago

Yup I'm with you there man. I can't go anywhere without using my mind control powers.

Reaon1737d ago

If only it were deodorant...

C-H-E-F1737d ago

Definitely said "everyone" uses "everyday", lOl :p

Omegasyde1737d ago

would make sense since I know Seattle is known for smelling like "teen spirit".

FunAndGun1737d ago

Why are the DUP soldiers stuck on the ceiling in the live action Infamous commercial????

Maybe that is a hint to the other power?

DeadMansHand1737d ago

Gravity! Maybe it's a anti gravity power.

GribbleGrunger1737d ago

So you use gravity 'most' of the time? I hope you're tethered to something substantial when you choose not to use gravity!

Christopher1737d ago

@GribbleGrunger: Astronauts...

sinspirit1737d ago

Magnets. Computers have magnets, phones have magnets, microwaves have magnets, etcetera. If people are stuck to the ceiling..

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ginsunuva1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I said before we need one with sound such that Delsin emits pure bass and our speakers break.

Edit: I don't use microwave every day....

ziggurcat1737d ago

It's the power of public transit...

Omegasyde1737d ago

Of all the answers above - I think yours is a winner. It's probably a telekinetic power or something jedi related.

HomerDog1737d ago

he throws a ps4 at you. heck that's what I would do.

Cryptcuzz1737d ago

It is obviously cotton guys!

Steal the threads off of enemies and civilians alike and leave them in their (non-cotton?) undergarments.

So random, funny and brilliant that it is "mind-boggling" that no one saw it coming until now!

Just saw the recent inFamous: SS event on Youtube last night and I seriously can't wait for this game.

stuna11737d ago

The power of suggestion seems likely! Tell the enemies their friends are actually the enemies.

cannon88001737d ago

Vaseline and Kleenex? Fapping powers confirmed!

PSNrandom151737d ago

It is the power of the cloud LOL.

imt5581737d ago

Maybe Android OS or iOS power???

geddesmond1737d ago

We all use are everyday to live. Air powers confirmed.

ITPython1737d ago

It's most definitely water. And while water itself isn't very mind boggling, what he can do with the water is.

Also it fits perfectly with the fact that it pretty much rains all the time in Seattle. Anybody who knows somebody who lives in Seattle (or lives there themselves) can tell you that it rains a LOT.

MrChicagoWind1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

This guy ^

EDIT: steel, paper, coffee & grunge have yet to be confirmed.

reaperofsouls1737d ago

The unknown power is the power of the cloud!!! oh no that xbone as PS4 doesn['t need it

droc11231737d ago

Toilet paper!!! Definitely toilet paper!!!

Bathyj1737d ago

Yeah, it's MICROWAVES !!

No, just kidding. It's obviously sarcasm.

CyrusLemont1736d ago


AC5L4T3R1736d ago

It's a digital signal, you source the power from TV's scattered around.

I tested the game for a week in November last year.