Top 10 Games Sequels Where Bigger WASN’T Better

PlayStationing writes: "Bigger isn't always better. Here's our list of ten sequels that were worse than their originals."

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DualWielding1588d ago

disagree on Arkham City I think it was an even bette rgame than asylum

linkenski1588d ago

Me too. I even think the story was better which I know is debatable because it's so jumbled and inconsistent in focus, but I thought it had much more memorable moments.

IRetrouk1588d ago

Disagree with batman and jak and daxter, other than that, spot on.

abzdine1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Jak 2 is the best one in the series by far and same goes for Arkham City.
i agree with the rest.

goldwyncq1588d ago

Are you nuts? Portal 2 had by far the better design and is actually challenging compared to the first game which was a piece of cake(no pun intended). Also strongly disagree with Arkham City. It had everything which made the first game great and translated it perfectly into a semi-open world environment. The side missions were never intrusive and I felt more like the Batman in this game than all the other Batman games combined.

Volitiel1588d ago

For me, Portal 1 was better, though I did really enjoy Portal 2 also. I found the 1st game more engaging in how it told the story more through the environment than narration; like when you first find the room where "the cake is lie" is introduced, telling the player that others like yourself have been here before. Portal 2 had way more narration through other characters and audio recordings, while Portal 1 used the environment and I felt that rewarding feeling of self-discovery in Portal 1 was taken away a bit in the sequel. No opinion on Batman; played neither.

Axecution1588d ago

I disagree with pretty much everything he listed.

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The story is too old to be commented.