Xbox One game Fable Legends uses Kinect, but controller is the focus

Microsoft's technology will be used for villain mode, but "the controller is kind of our focus," Lionhead Studios says.

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Wizziokid1506d ago

I think devs now realise that Kinect can't replace the traditional gamepad, it can only 'enhance' gameplay.

Gozer1506d ago

Kinect for the X1 does a lot more than just play games. I think devs know at the very beginning whether or not they want Kinect to be an option for their game.

Certain genres take advantage of Kinect as full fledged Kinect games. Like dancing, fitness, and bar sports. If you think you cant get a good workout by using Kinect focused games, then you are probably wrong. It tires me out. Its good cardio. Admittedly, those aren't very many genres, but they are fun for what they are.

Most devs only make game enhancements that make sense.

ChrisW1506d ago

"Enhance game play" is a good thing!

Bigpappy1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

M$ never wanted to replace the controller. Their messaging was misrepresented by those who were championing failure.

They were marketing controllerless games to try as reach the Wii crowd. But never tried to replace the controller for games like Gears and Halo.

On topic: This game looks to be another fun game to look forward too. Very unique and creative ideas. These games M$ are releasing do feel different form what we have become used to. I find them very refreshing and it makes the console feel fresh as you would expect with a new generation.

Team_Litt1506d ago

What I want to hear. All non dance Xbox games should be that way, Gamepad first, Kinect to enhance.

christocolus1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Nice.. need to know more. I hope we see a dance central 4 on xbox one

XboxFun1506d ago

Another great game to look forward to for the xbox one.

RiPPn1506d ago

The more I hear about this game the less appealing it becomes which is sad because I'm a fan of all 3 Fable games, yes I liked 3 unlike the rest of the world. haha