Xbox One Servers ‘Essential’ For Titanfall Resolution And AI

The servers, whilst also performing their general role as a dedicated multiplayer arena, actually power aspects of the game that are usually supplemented by the console hardware itself; of particular note is the AI-controlled NPC’s such as the Grunts, Spectres and Auto-Titans.

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2pacalypsenow1592d ago

‘Essential’ For under 1080p?

ArchangelMike1592d ago

Exactly! give it a break no one's buying the 'cloud power' nonesense. The game would have run just as well, and the AI code would be just as... artificial, as it is WITHOUT the 'cloud'.

While Titanfall is good, and will sell well, it is in no way a showcase for the 'power of the cloud'.

Power of the cloud was supposed to make every aspect of a game Next-Gen. There's no aspect of Titanfall that is 'next-gen' and only possible through the cloud. Not the player count, not the graphics, not the multiplayer.

BG115791592d ago

Imagine how the game would be without the cloud...

GryestOfBluSkies1592d ago

i imagine it to be exactly the same.

2pacalypsenow1592d ago

According to some friends of my the xbox 1 version is choppy and has framerate drops .

1080p wont happen on xbox 1

BG115791592d ago

If the Xbone actains 1080p, can we expect 720p on the 360?

TheGreatAndPowerful1592d ago

So TF is having issues with frame-rates and they're thinking of raising the resolution to 1080p?

didn't want to post a wall of text so...

Titanfall Beta Xbox One Frame-Rate drops all the way down to 34fps.

HomerDog1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

thank you. maria trying extra hard today cuz he can't play it on a ps4 so he has to downgrade the xbox as much as possible to make up for it.

MRMagoo1231592d ago

Yet Maria works on articles all day using a pc that I'm sure would be able to play titanfall at a higher rez and fps than the xbone, so yeh I'm sure they must be jealous Derp. Anyone that wants to play it probably can it's on 3 systems it's not something you have to get an xbone for so your points are completely invalid.

OrangePowerz1592d ago

Pretty much all online games with AI have the AI running on the server side.

Can Respawn and MS stop with the PR bullshit?

OrangePowerz1592d ago

Any MMO would be an example. Monsters and bosses are all AIs that are run server side, they aren't exactly smart but neither are the AIs in Titanfall.

There is a very easy principal behind that because if you use dedicated servers it would be a pain to have the AI calculated on one or all clients and sync that up with the server and communicate everything back to the clients so every person sees the exact same behaviour.

MS and Respawn just use marketing terms to prettend those things are new while they aren't.

Godmars2901592d ago

Haven't they already pointed out that the AI was limited/dumb so as to give players a feeling of empowerment? Not to make bot come off as threats which interfere with gameplay?

Why then turn around and state proudly how much effort it took to make them so limited?

firelogic1592d ago

Will the 360 version utilize the power of the cloud? If not, will people be fighting enemies that stand still and walk into walls?

GryestOfBluSkies1592d ago

based on what i saw in the pc beta. .. they pretty much already just stand still and shoot