Star Citizen: 457 1080p Screenshots Show All the Ships and what Next-Gen Really Looks Like – Part 1

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen just hit 40 million dollars in crowdfunding, but many still don’t realize just how good the game looks. It’s definitely one of the few titles that truly makes many think “next generation.”

DualShockers got in touch with Cloud Imperium Games and was given a chance to explore every single ship of the fourteen currently available for the Hangar Module, showing them in every smallish detail.

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Si-Fly1653d ago

Can't wait for the Dog Fighting module to be released ... Hopefully next month :)

3-4-51653d ago

When is this game supposed to be released, 2015 ?

Bhuahahaha1653d ago

OMG ~ nose bleeding
so freaking awesome

SteamPowered1653d ago

Holy Mother. If this game plays as good as it looks, it may be a PC coup. Everyone will want their hands on this beaut.

kewlkat0071653d ago

We console gamers can only drool..

dcj05241653d ago

If only we could have it. I'd be fine with 720p 30FPS. I just want this game on PS4 somehow someway.

Si-Fly1653d ago

Never going to happen I'm afraid.

listenkids1653d ago

This is showing us what PS5 really looks like?

listenkids1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

To clarify my point, "next gen" is the next generation, i.e PS5-X2, last generation was PS3 and current generation is PS4/X1.
This is no PC master race nonsense.

PurpHerbison1653d ago

I see it like that too but only when the PS4/X1 take over. Right now the libraries are weak and the potential of "next-gen" has yet to be seen. Once it all comes together, (I predict 2015) I will start referring to PS4/X1 as current gen despite whether or not it is technically current gen now.

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The story is too old to be commented.