Can PlayStation Now be an effective service?

GotGame: How is this thing possible, the answers are myriad, but it all comes down to the same thing, internet speed will and does vary, sometimes wildly, but most often minimally. I have the basic setup from the ISP, as I suspect do most people have the basic free install that most other ISP’s provide. What does this mean for Playstation Now?

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darthv721659d ago

There is no doubt that sony is going to really put in the effort to make this a great streaming service. the big question now is price.

reef10171659d ago

Yes, but i think it will really only benefit those gamers who are switching from the 360 and wii to the PS4.

Sly-Lupin1659d ago

I don't know. Honestly? I seriously doubt it. For two main reasons:

1.) Lag and latency are very real issues, not to mention server reliability. Did you no Diablo III single-player still has latency issues? And that's only a few kb of data being streamed to the user, not a whole game. Hell, even the direct wifi streaming between PS4/Vita (though much better than PS3/PSP remote play) suffers from lag. Even in the best-case scenario, I don't see this ever working well for games that require perfectly responsive controls.

2.) Library. Sony has already tried to move the PS1 and PS2 libraries to their digital storefront, but are missing a HUGE number of titles. What this means is that we can really only ever expect PSNow to offer popular, mainstream titles. I've no doubt we'll see God of War, but will we ever see Valkyria Chronicles or Dragons Dogma? I doubt it. Sure, this isn't much of an issue for casual gamers--but for the rest of us, it's a serious concern.


The only good thing I see is that Sony has apparently abandoned trying to incorporate the PS1/PS2 libraries into PSNow in favor of software emulation, which makes a whole lot of sense... but I fear they may end up wasting too much time, money and focus on this PSNow endeavor that, I think, stands a very good chance of not living up to what Sony thinks its potential is.

hkgamer1659d ago

I think Sony needs to probably allow us to test this service. Maybe put a demo on for us to test if our internet connection can handle it and then we can judge if we want to rent or pay for a subscription.

I know they don't have to but atleast for some people who are curious but don't want to spend money and waste it an opportunity to see if they like it.

I used onlive and played a game for an hour with one of those demo type things and thought it was terrible. But that was a good number of years ago.