Watch Dogs’ Creative Director: PC Version Better Than E3 2012 Build In Many Regards, NG Close To PC

In addition, Jonathan claimed that the PC version looks stunning, that the trailer – and the hands-on event that took place last week – was on PS4, and that the PC version will be – in many regards – better than the E3 2012 build.

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NewMonday1659d ago

Sorry but I can no longer believe anything that Ubisoft says.

but if dose turn out to be true then the PC version will be the one I will get.

ArchangelMike1659d ago

When they say "next-gen" version is close to PC version, if they gimp the PS4 version because of the XbOne version, I'm cancelling my pre-order.

Fireseed1659d ago

You do know that PCs are FAR more powerful than the PS4 right? So no the PS4 version wouldn't be "gimped" because of the Xbox... it would be "gimped" because of the PS4.

classic191659d ago

i think they did gimp the ps4 version on texture lol if that was ps4 version it look ballhead at full 1080p. still imsa get this game tho.

Irishguy951659d ago Show
No_Limit1659d ago

Stop blaming everything on another platform, the PS4 is gimped as it is as none of the exclusive first party games are running @ 1080p and 60fps at the same time. You buy console for the exclusive games and the ease of use and not tech that can be compared to a gaming PC.

EXVirtual1659d ago

It's funny how easily people forget.
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes looks better than Watch Dogs (graphically), and runs at native 1080p 60fps on PS4. So no, the Ps4 isn't gimping itself @Irish.
Last gen is gimping the PS4 and XBO (yes I know Gz is on the PS3 and 360).
Anyways, has anyone seen that 'Share' commercial for the PS4 version of the game? It looks better than the Story trailer.

ArchangelMike1659d ago

You misunderstand me. I know the PC version will be the best looking. That's not my point. My point is that the PS4 can run the game better than the XbOne. So really there shouldn't be parity between the two versions.

If there is parity, it simply means that Ubisoft gimped the PS4 version because of the XbOne. If that is the case, the I will not financially support a developer who does not develop a game to the highest possible standard on one platform, simply because of the limitatinos of a weaker platform.

Firstly they need to clarify which n

Baka-akaB1659d ago

after the previous gen , dont expect any clarity of the sort , beyond leaks and intel about resolutions for each versions .

That's the game all publishers play now ... instead of owning up to any kind of hardware and software any of both platforms could get , we'll get vague " dont worry X version is awesome anyway" .

It doesnt help any of the multiple consoles owners , they'll have to discover it at launch .and they dont care about that , they care about not hurting feelings and perception

starchild1659d ago

Why would you think they would do that? They are making the PC version better because of the extra power the PC offers, so why wouldn't they make the PS4 version better than the XB1 version if they have the extra performance? I think you are worrying for nothing.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the game. I think the concept is intriguing and the gameplay so far has looked very promising. I have no doubt that it will be an amazing looking game. Most AAA Ubisoft games have outstanding visuals--AC4, Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell Blacklist to name a few. Hell, even Rayman Legends looks gorgeous for its genre. Ubisoft make beautiful games.

webeblazing1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"PC Version Better Than E3 2012 Build In Many Regards, NG Close To PC"

soooo do next gen version look like the e3 build? lol im kinda lost.
pc>e3 build
so wouldnt ng>= e3 build.

ground zero looks like mgs4. not downplaying it, its just mgs4 looks amazing and ground zero looks like it. i doubt the rebuilt their engine for ground zero it maybe in between of what we gonna see for the next game.

rhcpfan1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Sony fanboy logic: blame everything on the Xbox One.

BattleAxe1659d ago

This what we have in store for next generation games, all the talk about 'gimped' versions, this and that. I'm glad I bought a GTX 780 so that I don't need to worry about all of this confusion of which version is better. Just buy it on PC and play on max settings, and then nothing else needs to be said.

ProjectVulcan1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

They are just playing the PR game. They can't say the console versions suck compared to PC, and they can't say one console version sucks more than the other. That's impossible for PR.

All they can do is make the game the best they can for each platform, and hope it really is the best it can be.

That means nobody gimps anyone.

If anyone USUALLY gets gimped, it's PC.

I'm hoping that is not the case and it's as amazing as it looked 2 years ago and more so as he claims.

I don't even care if it's really demanding to reach that as long as the game itself is capable of it, because many will be able to achieve new console or console+ settings now it'll still look good. Then in a year or whatever with better hardware will max it out and play it through again full glory.

PC gamers do like to do that. We all did it with Crysis.

morganfell1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )


allgamespc20121659d ago

i hope not, you know, since ps4 is more powerful i dont understand why the dont just use the pc version and port it to ps4 and then whatver, do what you can with the xbox one, but one console suffering because of the other one is just stupid.

developers need to make MS realize how their Xbox One is just not cutting it. They have no shame in talking crap about the Wii U and bashing it all day long, yet the Wii U can pull 1080p 60fps on their first party games.

Either way, PC version it is.

DevilOgreFish1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

All multiplatform games turn out better on PC especially when they're lead platform. just do yourself a solid and invest in a good gaming PC, one part at time if you have to.

Saithraphim1659d ago

its not like you would know

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Muerte24941659d ago

The game started out on PC when it was showcased. It will look better on PC but that if you have the rig to run it. If they can get NG versions closer to PC then fine. They haven't showed any weather effect on next gen consoles and that's a little worrying to me.

Shadonic1659d ago

all i saw was rain in the 2013 gameplay trailer

OsirisBlack1659d ago

Same I do not believe them at all. I have already canceled my ps4 pre order and will wait to see how it looks on PS4 and PC I will make a more informed decision after the game launches.

classic191659d ago

i believe the ps4&x1 will look the same bro. pc should look good as hell tho..

1nsomniac1659d ago

I've cancelled mine as well. I'll wait & see after it's been released might even change it around & go for PC version instead although I wont be able to play it on the couch then.

OsirisBlack1659d ago

Yea I believe the XB1 and PS4 versions will be similar with either Different resolutions or framerates as has become standard fare. I was just really looking forward to this game and the bonus content on PS4..... that said if the PC version looks like it did in 2012 that is the version I will purchase.

MsmackyM1659d ago

Wow! This early into the "next gen" and the PS4 and Xbox One are starting to show their age. Going X86 is beginning to look like a mistake.

AndrewLB1658d ago

x86 has nothing to do with it. What happened is Microsoft and Sony made a business decision to go with AMD who is a budget CPU/GPU/APU manufacturer, because they wanted to make as much money as possible on the millions of fanboys who think Sony/M$ is their friend and does everything for the good of the gaming community. They picked APU's that two years ago would have been considered mid-range, and today they're actually considered for mobile and netbook systems.

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kewlkat0071659d ago

You want the best version get the PC version..

You want a version based off limited old hardware, then get the console version.

It's not that hard.

If your an only console gamer you'll alway be disappointed at games that debut on pc vs your console of choice.

Furesis1659d ago

that's a harsh way of saying it but you are true

Beastforlifenoob1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

LOLOLOL You enjoy listening to greedy ass companies that have lied to you in the past before:

1. Why would there be such a HUGE gap between PC and PS4 if PS4 can run most games close to what a PC can right now (dont worry i have a gaming pc and a ps4).

2. Why would they show of the so called "limited console version" if the PC version looked sooooo much better.

3. Why would the PS4 get exclusive content if the version was the worse and why before the PS4 launched were watch dogs and PS4 going hand in hand in most advertising campaigns.

4. If plentey of people were shouting at them for lying previously what makes them suddenly credible now that theyve said the PC is amazing in a PR statement used to convince sheepels like you.

5. Why would AC 4 look way better than the watch dogs downgrade.

6. If you believe them when they say PC is the best you must also believe them when they say console is close but instead you dont.

Nice try, I love how PC elitiest's try so hard at every turn to downplay consoles and brag about the 5 extra fps and 2x extra AA they get.

tee_bag2421658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

@ Beastforlifenoob

Grow up and stop acting like a butthurt fanboy.
You don't have to downplay gaming PC's simply because you don't have one.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771658d ago


I disagree with what you said, that was very arrogant!

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Akuma071659d ago

You're all a pack of women. Just shut up and enjoy the f**king game.

Any human being who expected the final game to look identical to the E3 2012 reveal is a moron and very naive.

R00bot1659d ago

Oh, I'm sorry for expecting what they showed me to be what I got.
And, as an old Nintendo fan, I was used to getting exactly what I saw in trailers, sometimes better.

Audiggity1658d ago

LOL. Best opening line ever.

Agree + a Bubble for that.

ITPython1659d ago

I really hope there is no parity involved with this game when it comes to the PS4 and XB1. But based on the videos I have seen thus far of the PS4 version, it definitely looks like it has been held back and brought down to XB1 levels.

Here's my prediction, the PS4 version will be running at 1080p @30fps, and the XB1 version will be between 720p and 900p @30fps. So while that looks good in favor of the PS4, the kicker is that the texture resolution, AA, and other graphical features will be scaled back to whatever the XB1 can handle, so both versions will essentially look identical.

Then there will be a wave of "See, look what that secret sauce did for the XB1, it looks just like the PS4 version!", but this will only be because the PS4 version was held back significantly.

Sevir1659d ago

As I said, and as Ubi themselves confirmed, the E3 2012 demo was PC... People yelling downgrade when next gen consoles weren't announced or weren't at developers hands till Dec that year are plain out silly! The PS4 version/ Next Gen Console version didn't debut till the following year... There's no visual downgrade... The PC demo was on a GTX 690 naturally it'll look better than a PS4.

Im certain on the 27th of May there will be mass crow eating

gapecanpie1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

The future is PC.

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wtopez1659d ago

I really hope that's the case.

Palitera1659d ago

Did you really believe it?

FFS, gamers... You can't believe anything anyone tells you!

MidnytRain1659d ago

Can I believe what you're saying?

TheOrder18861659d ago

Still getting it for the PS4. Exclusive content.

Agent20091659d ago ShowReplies(1)
tee_bag2421658d ago

Lol.. Go get a Sony tattoo on you're forehead then.

Harmonizer1658d ago

Funny how Exclusive content for Sony consoles always end up in the PC digital deluxe editions on steam and Uplay anyway.

JCOLE131951659d ago

Well I'm certainly hoping so. I'm sure it'll be a great game regardless.

curtis921659d ago

Everyone's really written this guys off lately. Everything I've seen gameplay wise looks awesome and fun and I'm still completely onboard. You can show me gifs all day of ps3/360/wii-u footage and tell me it's ps4 but I don't believe it. All demos I've watched look great.

BattleTorn1659d ago

You don't need gifs of WD running on unknown platforms, all you need it so familiarize yourself with how Far Cry 3 changed from E3 to release.

That's really what we should be asking these Devs.

Not "is watch_dogs PC/NG going to look near E3"

But actually "how do you feel Far Cry turned out?"

I loved FC3, don't get me wrong, but there was some massive downgrades upon release. In hindsight, the FC3 E3 demo must've been running with every bell&whistle imaginable.

Qrphe1659d ago

Exactly, FC3 demo (amd Bioshock Infinite reveal) show bullshotting exists everywhere