History of South Park Video Games

After a lengthy wait gamers have finally got their hands on The Stick Of Truth and it is generally very well received by fans of the TV series. The latest South Park game has given gamers hope that video games based on animated series can actually work and be incredible amounts of fun! While South Park Studios with the help of game developers Obsidian have been accurately able to recreate the town of south park as a virtual world they have not always been this lucky with South Park branded games.

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barb_wire1593d ago

Some of those earlier games, sucked like crazy - that racer they did, stunk!

BUT, having a blast with the STOT.. such a good game and surprisingly deep RPG.

Oh and completely OT - Witcher 3 delayed to Feb 2015

buffalo10661593d ago

They really did suck but it was never matt and treys fault it was down to sucky developers or low budgets. The first south park will always have a bit of a charm to it though

3-4-51593d ago

The multiplayer in that game was more fun than it should have been.

RedCloud881593d ago

Complete history of south park games

South park: the stick of truth

The end. Nothing else matters cuz that game is freaking awesome!

Kurisu1593d ago

I'll be picking up The Stick of Truth next month. I'm looking forward to it :) I'm not in to South Park as much as I used to be when I was younger, but I can't pass it up!

RedCloud881593d ago

I haven't seen an episode in years, absolutely loved the game.

buffalo10661593d ago

your going to have a total nostalgia trip when you play it so. the game is brilliant!

Kurisu1593d ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to trying it out for myself :)

Clown_Syndr0me1593d ago

I remember the one on N64 was awesome...but I was about 6 and thought I was a bad ass playing itm
Not played any others except Stick of Truth, couple of hours in and loving ig. Heard its not very long though so for once on my life Im actually hoping for DLC!

buffalo10661593d ago

i was the same when i though back to how much i enjoyed it as a kid but when i played it again when i was a bit older i saw its flaws and didnt like it so much after that. Stick of truth is short for an rpg but it took me 15 hours to beat which isnt too bad for a modern game

Clown_Syndr0me1592d ago

Did you play through just the main or does that include side quests? I am a fo everything go everywhere kinda guy. But I only get 1-2 hours on it a night lately zo should last me a week or two!

buffalo10661592d ago

I did a good few side quests but i had 3 left to do after i beat it and im sure there was 2 or 3 more left to find but overall i did most of them id say