10 game sequels we want to see on PS4

Funstock takes a look at some of the more popular series from PS1 and PS2 and examines the feasibility of them making an appearance on the PS4.

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Patashnik1620d ago

Another vote for Fear Effect.
PS4 needs two cel-shaded girls kissing in an elevator - in HD!

DaveyB1620d ago

Maximum respect for digging out Einhander and Dark Cloud. These games NEED to be revisited.

Kurisu1619d ago

I never did play Dark Cloud on PS2 but gameplay videos look fun. I'd definitely give it a shot if a new game was made, or if it ever comes to PS Now when PS2 games are eventually made available.

LKHGFDSA1619d ago

White Knight Chronicles for PS3 was made by the same team as Dark Cloud, have you played that?

Kurisu1619d ago

I played a little bit of it, but it wasn't really for me. Wasn't a fan of the battle system. To be honest I was expecting much more from the game.

SonyStyled1619d ago

clearly this author has never played Jak and Daxter. either that or he/she is completely oblivious to the fanfare that has begged for a new installment

LKHGFDSA1619d ago

Naughty Dog are busy with other stuff.

SonyStyled1619d ago

if i ever one the lottery, id fund development for Jak 4. preferably by ND but Sanzaru did an awesome job with the platformer that is Sly

TH3BR3W1619d ago

Where is Legend of the Dragoon? I want a sequel damn it! Out of all the games on that list I would replace parappa the rappa with LOD hands down. Would absolutely love to see another legacy of kain too!

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