What Tretton’s departure means for Sony and the PS4

GameZone: The dust has yet to settle around the abrupt and frankly jarring news that Jack Tretton will be stepping down as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, with former SCEJ president Shawn Layden assuming the role. Formerly COO and executive vice president of SCEA, Tretton joined Sony in 1995 and became a founding member of PlayStation that same year. He was appointed president and CEO of SCEA in 2006, replacing Kaz Hirai, and was tasked primarily with managing PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and most recently PlayStation 4.

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TheLyonKing1442d ago

In a nutshell it means nothing, Jack was an amazing advocate of the playstation brand and he will be missed but its the behind the scene guys that have kept PS going.

Sony's vision wont have changed and I am sure this new guy will be as equally as enthusiastic.

White-Knight1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

It would also they'll need someone else to stand up for the gamer like he did at E3.

abzdine1441d ago

i really like E3 just because of him he is such a great speaker and a charismatic guy.

i hope he is replaced by a guy with same profile, not like Andrew Ryan from SCEE who bores me to death everytime i listen to him.

abzdine1441d ago

LOL i meant Jim Ryan :D
i should stop Bioshock!

mewhy321441d ago

Here's to hoping that the new boss will treat gamers like Jack did and not turn on us like Don Mattrick did

komp1441d ago

He stepped down so Kevin Butler could step up as a replacement.

It will be BOOM to the power of BOOM from here on in....

RedSoakedSponge1441d ago

sadly that could never happen due to the advertising of the Wii he did on tele. sony were pissed! lol

abzdine1441d ago

"kevin butler" is just an actor they hired for the marketing campain It Only Does Everything...

thejigisup1441d ago

Kevin didnt just betray sony, he betrayed Sony fans. The commercials he starred in were some of the best vg commercials i've seen. He did wonders for the PS name while he lasted.


RIP kb

Picnic1441d ago

How do you 'know' that? Are you able to step inside the souls of other people or be a fly on the wall in Sony all the time?

SolidGear31441d ago

Yeah, is he Aiden from Beyond? :}

Blaze9291441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


"In a nutshell it means nothing"
"but its the behind the scene guys that have kept PS going. "

that made absolutely no sense. So basically, what you're saying, is Jack was just a public speaker? Everything else over at SCEA - was not his doing?

Sony's vision WILL change. We just don't know how much. You can't take the CEO out and expect nothing to change. He was leading the company his way, and Shawn Layden will lead it his own way. Two completely different minds, backgrounds, and human beings and most importantly - visions.

To say it means nothing, is to undervalue Jack Tretton. Which just kinda shows the attitude of Sony fans once their beloved, leave Sony. *cough* Phil.

That's like firing the lead writer/director at Naughty Dog and expecting the games not to be effected in any shape or form from that departure.

Monolith1441d ago

I dont recall jack tretton making the games or designing the system.

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gillri1442d ago

It quite clearly means the end of the Playstation 4 and ultimately Sony's venture into the videogame industry!

gameon19851442d ago

It means what Sony fans refuse to except. which is sony financial problems may have a very damaging effect on their gaming business and could eventually lead to more lay offs, cancel games, studio closer or even the division being sold it self being off.

DigitalRaptor1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Yes, because Jack Tretton left and someone replaced him.... that means PlayStation will be sold off.

Xbox One is doing worse than PS4, quite a lot worse. It will be for this entire generation, so what that means it this: YOU refuse to accept that PlayStation is one of their strongest divisions. Sony Corp has roughly $151 billion in assets alone. They have a net worth of roughly $18 billion. They have several lucrative film and television production and distribution company. They just have other departments that eat into their profits elsewhere.

So.... yes, Sony has financial issues. Yes, they need to fix key areas of their business. But, PlayStation is one of the areas that needs the least improvement, but we're still getting it - and right now, that is what we, as gamers, should be happy about. Kaz has already led an amazing turnaround for the brand, despite the fact that it was always the stronger global brand to Xbox.

Essentially, your comment here is all but insightful.

Team_Litt1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Amazing turnaround? Selling off buildings and whole divisions, sacking 20 000 people and a $1.1 billion loss expected at the close of the financial year.
What about all that do you find amazing? Please enlighten us with your insightfulness.

People need to stop living in this N4G bubble.
"Investors losing faith in Sony CEO Hirai" -

"CEO’s Credibility Takes Hit With $1.1 Billion Loss Forecast" -

Sony revision spurs credibility crisis for Hirai

Kaz Hirai’s Credibility to turn Sony Around is Under Question After $1.1 Billion Forecast loss

As you can see in the real world, outside this cocoon of yummy feelings, unicorns and rainbows, Kaz is not as impressive as many here believe.

jukins1441d ago

@teamlift instead of posting articles where you only read the title you should try actually reading them and understand the reasons why that loss is expected and what's been done prevent it in the future.

iceman061441d ago

@Team_Litt...I agree with you that there is no "amazing turnaround". But, the things that you listed, are part of the revision and refocusing of Sony. They squandered huge amounts of money in the PC business and refused to see the future of the competition in the television market. So, they suffered huge losses. The 1.1 billion is carryover from before any restructuring occurred. As for the buildings, well, they sold them off and then leased for the next 5 years...saving them the overhead of maintaining the buildings. Once again, it's about restructuring and not being overextended.
It's too early to tell whether or not these moves will bring them into the black. But it's not unreasonable to assume that, by getting out of the PC market and being more responsible in the TV market, they could become profitable again. So But, it IS trying to turn things around and the initial success of the PS4 can only help.

DigitalRaptor1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

@ Team_Litt

Well of course, as you misinterpreted my other comment yesterday, here you go at it again.

Not only did the replies, above, undermine your clear lack of seeing the bigger picture, they showed that some people just want Sony to fail, and want to rub those chances in the faces of others.

There is no "living in a bubble". Did you not hear me say "yes, Sony has financial issues. Yes, they need to fix key areas of their business."???? Did you not see me admit that they are in the red?

I know all about that $1.1 billion loss, but the least the company could do is be realistic with the forecast, and admit that profits are not going to favour them within one year of restructuring. What was Sony's forecast loss in 2012? $6.4 billion. That's right $6.4 billion.

Additionally, if you'd have read into my comment as any normal person would, then you'd also realise i was talking about Kaz having helped turn around the quality of the brand and the services, and the products themselves. What Sony has done with SEN and conglomerating their networks into one, with PSN being the centre of their most popular brand, is a great turnaround.

As a GAMER, that is what I was referring to, and anyone expecting anything less than a $1.1 billion loss when the company is still turning itself around is foolish. A yearly loss is expected until the brand is doing better. But as a GAMER, it's pretty hard not to feel like Sony is doing a spectacular job.

Hicken1441d ago

This Team_Litt guy. Loud about trolls and fanboys, constantly trolling and fanboying.

And, apparently, clueless about corporate restructuring.

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iceman061441d ago

Or it could mean that, just like many CEO's, Jack Tretton was just ready to leave. Despite what most might think, fatigue can set in at any job...even what might be considered a great job. He'd been there almost 20 years. That's a LONG time to be doing anything...especially a job with the pressures of CEO. With his final "baby" being pushed out and having relative success, what else was there for him to do? The framework for the generation was laid out already. His successor has been with him for a long time so he should be well aware of the visions and goals that Sony and the Playstation brand has in mind. It should be a pretty effortless transition.

Kryptix1441d ago

By that logic, Microsoft must also have financial problems even with those billions of dollars because Don Mattrick and Steve Ballmer left.

You're an idiot.

ps360s1441d ago

means nothing jut like when MS'S CEO step down or any other company for that matter

Companies will still move on

It just means we will miss Tretton's presentations :( His so calm and with the audience

Ninver1441d ago

means absolutely nothing. the ps4 is still in a great position but i must admit jackie boy will be missed for throwing the mic off the roof. had jeff feeling some type of way lol.

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