Does Reported TitanFall Xbox One Frame Rate Issues Underscore The PC As A Vital Gaming Platform

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece on the issues some players have reported with TitanFall on the Xbox One. The article asks if gamers expect to much for a console to play a game of this magnitude with top settings and illustrates the superior graphic options that PC users can enjoy. The article also asks if the game helps validate the importance of the PC as a gaming platform.

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GraveLord1622d ago

Titanfalll isn't a demanding are not special. Resolution isn't full HD...AI is horrible.

How again is this game supposed to be demanding? Sounds like its just poorly optimized to me.

Garethvk1622d ago

That is the debate. Is it poorly optimized or is it scaled back from what was planned for the Xbox One? It does seem odd does it not if it is not a highly demanding game, then why is the Xbox One not able to run smoother and in 1080p?

Pandamobile1622d ago

What makes you think that it's not a highly demanding game? Have you seen the chaos the comes from 5+ titans battling for control over one area? There's an unreal amount of projectiles flying around, particles and stuff filling up your screen.

Frankly, the game looks gorgeous in motion. I'm probably one of the biggest graphics whores on this website and I can't really find much to complain about. I can't speak for the Xbox One version of course, but if the console version of the game is anything like it is on PC, then it's no wonder people are experiencing some slowdowns. It's an unavoidable side effect of a multiplayer environment.

NewMonday1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

It's just my opinion but I think the game was scheduled for a late 2014 release on all platforms to compete with CoD and rotate with Battlefield, but was rushed after MS paid loads of money.

this would explain:

- the short campaign
- bad frame-rates and screen-tearing
- few game-mods

hopefully Respawn take their time with the sequel and fulfill the potential.

Boody-Bandit1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"What makes you think that it's not a highly demanding game?"

Quoted from this article:

"Titanfall feels sub-optimized to me -- it isn't a particularly stunning game, visually, but eats some of these cards far more than more graphically-demanding games."

I agree with NewMonday that this game was more than likely rushed. There is no reason this game isn't hitting a solid 60fps when it's barely above 720p and I agree 100% this is not a graphically demanding game. Especially on the XBOX ONE.

Respawn should've just released it at 720p on the XBOX ONE and tried their best to target a rock solid 60fps. I bet they could've if given a more time to optimize it.

Garethvk1622d ago

I got into the campaign last night and had ships dropping out of warp over my head in battle. If you ever get the chance, look up now and then and see all the action going on overhead.

Gamer19821622d ago

Poorly optimized or the console is just bad?? Lets be honest here and look again at MGS5 video and screens. It doesn't look much more powerful than the 360 thanks to the bottleneck known as ESRAM.

GoPanthers9991622d ago

It rocks, happy to have it to play now until Destiny and Halo 5 come out.