J-Stars Victory VS Reviewed By Famitsu: 32/40

J-Stars Victory VS has been reviewed by Famitsu. The magazine gave the game a 32/40.

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sobotz1655d ago

That's kind a low score from Famitsu.

TetsujinFranky1655d ago

It's the same score that Famitsu gave Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z, a game that not everyone enjoyed. Hope J-Stars Victory VS will be better

Blastoise1655d ago

They also gave Steel Battallion Heavy Armor a higher score than Demon's Souls

their reviews are all over the place lol

miyamoto1655d ago

PlayStation has tons of exclusives I really really like.

GdaTyler1655d ago

Hate it how I'll have no choice but to import. I would rather it localized though.

CanadianTurtle1655d ago

Just remember, famitsu also gave DragonQuestMonsters: Joker a 39/40, and that game was only okay at best.