Rumour: No PC Drivers For Xbox One Controller

According to the source, Microsoft's current plan is to release a Windows version of the controller that would come bundled with a dongle, and not release PC drivers for the Xbox One version.

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4logpc1659d ago

I doubt that they will not sell the adapter as a stand alone. They did the same thing with Xbox 360.

WeAreLegion1659d ago

Both Microsoft and Sony could benefit from releasing official PC drivers for their controllers. I don't know why that wasn't a priority. It wouldn't take a large team to create them.

Fishy Fingers1659d ago

That's the "best thing" about PS Now, it's going to force Sony to finally release official drivers, not only for PCs, but all forms of devices (tablets, phones, smart TV).

Still in the meantime, Motionjoy does the trick.

WeAreLegion1659d ago

Good point. I do use my DualShock 3 on my tablet though, since the Xperia Tablet Z has native support for it. Same with their newer phones.

Ray1861659d ago

Eh. Someone will eventually program drivers for it. You just will have to wait.

oIITSBIIo1659d ago

Awww thats too bad .

anyway I'm using controller in some titles only like Batman Arkham - Dark souls ammm Yeah I think that's it .