Titanfall- The First AAA Shooter I Didn't Buy...Yet

In the last ten years I have probably not only purchased every big AAA shooter that came out but I usually pre-ordered them and stayed up till midnight so I could be the first to get on. However, in the last year or two I have started to have a slow but steady revelation that has been put to the test with the release of Titanfall.

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Audiggity1623d ago

Moral of the story = Some dude got burned from COD: Ghosts & BF4 and decided to pass on the only shooter in the past 5 years that actually tried to do something different, then called it an achievement.

Update 2 hours from now: He caved, sold the garbage COD/BF games and is now a level 19 pilot in TF

WeAreLegion1623d ago

The only shooter in the past 5 years that actually tried to do something different...

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon
Bioshock: Infinite
PlanetSide 2
Ace of Spades

That's not to undersell how good Titanfall is, but give credit to these games and developers.

kewlkat0071623d ago

I think he meant a competitive shooter from Devs with pedigree that only made one of the most popular one of the COD series, MW2.

ZombieDust1623d ago

You missed the point there pal...

Audiggity1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

True... sorry, I meant what kewlkat was referring to EDIT:above in terms of the "mass appeal" shooters. Or as the author of that story refers to "AAA Shooters".

I thought Far Cry 3 and Bulletstorm were great games. I could even expand upon that list to be honest with you; I should have been more clear, I was attacking COD and BF 'rinse and repeat' policy which may have (hopefully) just been disrupted.

jatakk1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

For me, after the beta.. Titanfall feels as refreshing as when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out on the 360 six years ago.
I'm in Norway and Titanfall releases the 13th, but I'm downloading on Origin for PC right now and hoping to unlock via VPN very soon!


SnakeCQC1623d ago

Titanfall just doesn't appeal to me either; the main reason being that it's mp only. Having no story really bothers me.

Fz6soldier1623d ago

I'm not paying $60 for 6v6 and bots.

RamboRabbi1623d ago

I like many other PC gamers are willing to wait for the ridiculous price to drop. The beta was fun but immensely overhyped to the point where I expected much more, it's not a bad game at all but there's no way I'm paying £50 for it.

DjKiba1623d ago

Exactly i'm waiting for this game to go on sale or something. I dont think its worth the price right now, but thats just me.

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