The Man Who Promised Too Much

Jason Schreier: "Peter Molyneux is crying. I'm not sure how to react to this. Legendary game designers don't often get emotional with the press. But here's Molyneux, who has made so many games and done so many interviews over the past two decades, openly weeping into my voice recorder."

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miyamoto1653d ago

Yeah Project Natal and Milo.

Sorry Peter, you can never be a Fumito Ueda.

Pogmathoin1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

For those old enough to remember, he gave us Populous and PowerMonger, amazing games for its time...... Wish he completed BC.... That lucked incredible.... After that it was downhill...

Wow, looked, not lucked... Wtf.... :)

MysticStrummer1653d ago

"he gave us Populous and PowerMonger"

"After that it was downhill…"

Exactly this.

hiredhelp1653d ago

Populous was Awsome game

mafiahajeri1653d ago

Imagining Peters reaction to your last sentence would resemble puss in boots in your avatar :P

djplonker1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I am glad I had not heard of him or any of his crap when I picked up the first fable (2004?) because I really enjoyed it but apparently he promised way too much like trees grow up with you etc and it got ruined for some.

mogwaii1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I remember exactly that!, lol, him saying you could plant an acorn and the tree would grow as you play and many other such amazing sounding wasnt delivered and it turned me off fable, been waiting for it ever since, lol.
The mans a fantasist!

Deathdeliverer1653d ago

He made other great promises about the first fable such as; every hit tears your clothes and scars you, If you keep taking damage to the same area you can end up with a permanent injury like a limp for the remainder of the game and reduced range of motion, Every action having a reaction like killing someone may cause their offspring to hunt you down or someone you saved years ago could grow up to become a hero because you saved them as a child. Man Peter. Your ideas and promises were incredibly huge like whales, however the end result was always akin to a minnow. Don't even get me started on how incredible The Movies sounded to me and my creative buddies.

Godmars2901653d ago

More like the guy who has to say something - anything - when interviewed.

mafiahajeri1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Fable was inspiring and is a classic, sad that molyneux is a one trick pony though...

karlowma1653d ago

Is that trick making great games?

Audiggity1653d ago

His original concept of Fable... i.e. the lies he told at the time; were insanely ambitious. If there was ever one way he could redeem himself, it would be to dig up his old interviews and piece together his original goals for Fable to launch a reboot.

Truly non-linear, generational (play as your son's son's daughter in a perpetual world), highly interactive game with engaging physics and a dynamic storyline.

It would take years to build even with today's advances - which makes the original claims from 10+ years ago even more insane.

I think delivering on the original promises on a next gen platform would earn him some real credibility.

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The story is too old to be commented.