Where is the PS4's Titanfall?

Gamer Headlines writes: I recently got my eager hands on a demo of Infamous: Second Son at a retail preview event and I left with a distinct feeling that it won’t be the killer exclusive that the PS4 has been waiting for. With Titanfall due to hit rival platform Xbox One later this week, I was left wondering when the PS4 can expect to see its own exclusive that builds up a similar degree of hype and enthusiasm.

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GraveLord1595d ago

It doesn't have one. But it does have inFamous Second Son and the upcoming graphical powerhouse The Order 1886.

NewMonday1595d ago

although it still has an extra week to go, inFAMOUS had more pre-orders at 600k than Titanfall for XB1 at 570k, something nobody would have predicted.

things seem quite because fans of the game are not desperately trying to get people's attention

Testfire1595d ago

While MS has always relied on 1 or 2 thoroughbreds Sony has always had a stable. From everything I've seen TF it's a solid 8-9/10 game, is that worthy of the hype?...Don't think so.

Clarence1594d ago

True. FPS usually outpace single player games.

0neShot1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

All you do on this forum is trash titanfall because your console can't play it, you are one sad pathetic loser.
For the preordes, you keep saying bullsht, where did you get your stat, from your ass? Infamous has only half of titanfall's preorder.

THC CELL1595d ago

Where's the xbox power that people paid for, wheres xbox uncharted the infamous game wipeout, gt, and all other much better games ps has

gamer78041595d ago

why are people comparing titan fall to infamous? totally different games.

TheTwelve1595d ago

I'm waaaaay more hyped for Infamous than Titanfall.

strifeblade1595d ago

I don't know if u read the whole article but the writer played infamous and was not impressed. Felt visuals were bare and combat feeling like "Kratos on tranquilizers". He even thinks the demo he had must be an old build considering how unpolished it was. The order certainly looks exciting Imo despite how writer again expressing some negativity regarding the black borders.

generic-user-name1595d ago

First time I've ever heard someone call inFamous's visuals bare.

Easily the best looking game for the first half of 2014 at least.

strifeblade1594d ago

I personally thought infamous looked good in terms of visuals. Hopefully it did not downgrade for final release similar to watchdogs

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GarrusVakarian1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

"I left with a distinct feeling that it won’t be the killer exclusive that the PS4 has been waiting for"

That's cool, i respect your opinion. But pre order numbers, internet hype and gameplay itself say otherwise.

It's no Titanfall in terms of mass appeal (duh), but it's doing great, especially for a SP-only open world game and im sure it will be a big hit. Surely you're not basing this article on your own personal opinion on the demo you played? Not to be rude, but you're just one man.

Hundreds of thousands of people, including myself, are greatly anticipating this game. The pre order numbers speak for themselves.

bggriffiths1595d ago

Yeah, I think it's going to do well too, but I think many gamers will be buying it because there's not much else on offer. I enjoyed the last two, but this isn't looking like much of a step up for the series. Fingers crossed I'm wrong and it'll be awesome and it's just Sony's marketing fecking things up.

GarrusVakarian1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Oh, no doubt some people will be buying Infamous SS because they want to play a PS4 exclusive to finally play, but the vast majority of people pre ordering it and buying it will be people who have played and loved the past Infamous games.

I'm curios as to what part of the game you played and why you didn't enjoy it. To me, Infamous SS looks like one of the few truly next-gen games. But that's just my opinion based on footage like this -

I just don't think you should dismiss Infamous as not being "PS4's Titanfall" based on the fact that *you* wasn't impressed with the demo you played, because it terms of pre order numbers and internet hype, it certainly is looking like PS4's Titanfall. It was never going to be as popular as Titanfall, that's just the nature of videogames and mass appeal.

Boody-Bandit1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

"but I think many gamers will be buying it because there's not much else on offer"

I have played ACIV, KZ:SF, Knack, GHOST, BF4, NBA 2K14, FIFA 14, N4S Rivals, Injustice: GAU EU, TR:DE, Warframe, Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve, Dead Nation: AE and soon will be playing Infamous and MLB.

I'm sure glad there is not much to offer the PS4 consumer or else I might've have had to take a loan out to feed my gaming needs.

On topic:
Sony doesn't need a Titanfall. They have more than enough games already and soon to be announced games from their plethora of top notch developers (E3 14). Especially not right now when they are literally selling as many consoles as they can manufacture. Just check online in America and try to find one. Even if say a Best Buy or Amazon has them in stock, with in 24 hours or less they will be gone.

Infamous is far and away my most anticipated game. Destiny is #2 which Sony has exclusive content for and most likely why they didn't go hard after TF. I think Destiny will be a much more polished and complete game compared to TF. Sony has the edge in power so it should make for a better gaming experience on the PS4.

I have an XBOX ONE and I'm renting TitanFall. I enjoyed the beta but I'm not a fan of the bot farming and felt overall the game was a little underwhelming (graphics and performance).

When Infamous is released I will be standing outside of my local Best Buy waiting for the door to open and I will most likely play it every single minute I can spare until I completed it and did everything possible in the game. The last 2 version I played multiple times over.

It's my 3rd favorite franchise of last gen only behind Uncharted and TLOU.

Neonridr1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Lukas, not that I don't agree with you fully, because I do believe that Infamous will be a great game, and this will be my first entry into the series. But preorder numbers don't mean jack $hit when Call of Duty each and every year puts up just as many, if not more numbers than what Infamous is doing. And we all know what kind of quality that turns into.

Again, not saying this is the case here, but numbers only paint part of the picture.

GarrusVakarian1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I was just using pre order numbers as an indication of peoples interest in Infamous, nothing else. I wasn't insinuating that pre order numbers = quality. As you said, CoD is a prime example of how that isn't the case ;)

"Again, I never played the other games"

I never played the first one for myself (more or less saw the entire story at a friends house though, before i owned a PS3), but Infamous 2 was brilliant. My impression of the past games and the gameplay ive seen so far is the reason im getting SS on day one. If you can't tell by how many Infamous articles i post in, im very excited for it XD

Neonridr1595d ago

@Lukas - definitely there is interest there. Again, I never played the other games, so I am jumping in fresh and the game looked good enough to me to warrant a purchase.

iamnsuperman1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Sony doesn't have one since they kind of haven't built one/their reasoning is different. The marketing force behind Titanfall has been immense. Since its unveiling Microsoft and EA have been driving this game home which the media has amplified. Sony has taken a vastly different approach with its PR.

PR is the key thing here. I hear Titanfall is a good game but would it have been as popular without the PR? I doubt it or it would have been a slow burner. Titanfall news/previews have been consistently reported for months now

Anon19741595d ago

You know, it's interesting. During the past gen, people were constantly asking "Where's the PS3's Halo, or Gears of War?"
They'd speculate the PS3 was doomed simply due to it's lack of 8 million unit software sellers. But it's not like it didn't have it's share of blockbusters. The Uncharted series would hit around 5 million each time and Gran Turismo 5 sold over 10 million copies. Hell, even LittleBigPlanet sold more than 5 million copies. Let that sink in for a second. A kid's platformer game broke 5 million. The 360 generally didn't see those kinds of numbers outside the shooter genre.

And that's the thing. The Playstation has always appealed to more than just the core gamers. While 360 user flocked to a specific genre, the PS3's hits were far more varied and spread out. Games like Heavy Rain could sell 2 million copies on the PS3 while games like Alan Wake, despite massive hype would struggle to move 1 million.

This made me smile a bit. "Sony could reclaim the console-crown from Microsoft..."
I don't know where this guy's been for the past 7 years, but Microsoft never had the "console crown". From the moment it had any competition whatsoever, it was outsold by both it's competitors.

The PS4 doesn't need that one "killer app" anymore than the PS3 did.

bggriffiths1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Overall, MS sold more units than the PS4. The PS4 was comfortably beaten in the US as far as I know, but Sony ended up on top in Europe. It took ages for the PS3 to catch up MS overall though.

Yes, I know the PS3 had a better range of exclusives (it was my main console throughout last gen) but I feel Sony are playing their cards too close to their chest right now. show us some new stuff

Hicken1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

You mean the PS3. And overall, the PS3 sold more units than the 360.

If you want to look at just one region, and then choose one of the TWO regions where the 360 was in the lead, then sure, it "held the crown." But that's twisting the argument for your sake. In truth, the Xbox is bringing up the rear for the 7th generation, and odds are it will remain there.

Gaming is about more than just the US, you know. No matter how big our particular slice of the market is, you can't win a generation with JUST the US locked down. The 360 should have shown that to you, as it was handily beaten by the Wii in total sales, and even the PS3 overtook it without taking the lead here in America.

PSVita1594d ago

Xbox had a year headstart

The ps3 was $200 dollar more

And it still outsold the Xbox360.

Anyways Sony always delivers in the games dept. so don't worry about it.

ger23961595d ago

Well said, and that is the difference between the two platforms.

bggriffiths1595d ago

@Lukas. I think it was an earlyish (older?) demo. I cleared an area of gov goons, destroyed a backup van, then finished off a minigun boss with a screen-clearing move.

Just felt a bit limited. Neon power was really dull, one ranged laser attack was all Delsin had. Pressing circle to morph around (dodge) looked pretty cool though.

I've seen some better looking scenes in trailers etc, so why Sony have given this crappy-looking demos to stores to promote the game I'll never know. fingers crossed the trailers weren't bullshots.

GarrusVakarian1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Ohhhh, THAT demo. Yeah, that was a pretty bland demo in terms of graphics and gameplay. There has been open world night time footage from more recent demo's that looks MUCH better.

" one ranged laser attack was all Delsin had. "

If you have played past Infamous games, you know that you end up having quite a large arsenal of moves and combos. The demo you played was very limited in that aspect. SP have been very careful not to show too much of this game, they even censored one of the neon special moves in one of the recent gameplay demos.

Give this a watch and see if you like the look of it any more than the demo you played -

bggriffiths1595d ago

Nice. That's makes me feel much better. Laser sword looks beasty. Why couldn't we play a demo like that?! Would have been pre-order bedlam all over the game's retail tour.

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