4 Things Titanfall Isn't

Amidst all of the hype and speculation, Josh of GeeksPodcast offers up his thoughts on 4 things Titanfall absolutely is NOT compared to other recent hits and as an entry into the FPS genre in general.

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shammgod1590d ago

#5. It isnt Dark Souls 2

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barb_wire1590d ago

Well, now that 'Titanfall' is out..

Show us some 360 footage now.

bqnnt1590d ago

Four things it isnt, next gen, groundbreaking ,different , microsofts lifeboat. Four thigs it is nothing new, cod reskinned, shallow, mechs = not next gen

B1uBurneR1590d ago

You forgot the most important one... fun or fun doesn't count because it's not 1080p @60fps and on PS4. I see how this is going to play out for the next 2 weeks until second son is release.

Gamer Muzz1590d ago

I'm sorry, have you even played it?
It is indeed Next Gen (You said that twice) and different.
Whether it's MS's lifeboat we wont know until we see sales. It may or may not be. Time will tell.
And though I'm perfectly willing to say it's lack of a single player campaign mode Vs. it's existing online multiplayer story mode content is very disappointing for a gamer like myself who enjoys a solo experience, I also know from playing it that it is also new/different, and immerseive in gameplay and not at all a reskinned COD (For the record, I hate COD)

Gunstar751590d ago

The jealousy is strong in this one.

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