Need for Speed Rivals - Movie Cars Pack Trailer

The Movie Cars Pack Trailer of Need for Speed Rivals.

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Gamer19821658d ago

A new low for EA.. Charging you twice for the same car if you want to use it as a racer or a cop...

DCfan1658d ago

Gonna be the new trend. These morons aka "Gamers" will eat up any DLC.

1658d ago
csreynolds1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

More cars? Where's the real downloadable content? Y'know, new races, new areas, new multiplayer modes...?

Look at what Criterion did with Burnout Paradise: Party Mode, bikes, day and night cycles, Cops and Robbers mode, Big Surf Island - all in addition to three cracking car packs. As Ghost Games was formed by Criterion with Criterion employees, I was hoping to see more than variations of cars you can already drive in the core game (with the exception of one or two).

I am sad.

Hicken1658d ago

And here I was thinking it'd be legendary cars from movies and TV, not just some cars from the upcoming NFS movie. I was expecting a General Lee, Trans Am, DeLorean, etc.

I am disappoint.

Audiggity1658d ago

Haha, the "Bitch!" pack. $4.99 to replace your horn with Aaron Paul yelling "Bitch!".

Worth it.

Cobberwebb1658d ago

Worst "racing" game I have ever played. I'll never buy a Need for Speed game again. I prefer proper tracks and racing, not cat and mouse.

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