inFAMOUS Second Son: All your questions answered

With the 21st March release of inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4 just a few weeks away, we recently reached out to you all via Twitter, Facebook and regional forums with a call for any questions you might have about the latest entry in the Sucker Punch’s open-world superhero series. And duly, you deluged us with queries, which Brian Fleming, studio co-founder and producer on Second Son, has kindly taken the time to answer. Read on for his responses and let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments below.

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GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I haven't been commenting on Infamous articles, im on media blackout for this game......

*peeks at article*

WeAreLegion1657d ago

I couldn't help myself, either. I swore I wouldn't look at anything, but... Man, this game is gonna rock!

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

What makes it even worse is that the gameplay demo's that have been showcased have been better and better the closer to's like they're doing it on purpose.

The recent demo's from the past week or so have made me hyped BEYOND BELIEF. The graphics look UNREAL, the reflections in the puddles and shop windows, the lighting, the textures, the's a feast for the eyes.

And the traversal of the map looks amazing, i don't think im even going to use the smoke power, the non dash/run/hover look like so much fun.

Im even hyping myself just talking about it XD. And there's still more powers we don't know of. Hnnnnnnnghh.

WeAreLegion1657d ago

I'm just glad they haven't told us much about it. Lol. I know about as much as I'd like to know. I want to be surprised by the story and the powers.

MoB211657d ago

Lmao he totally avoided that "How long is the game" question

GarrusVakarian1657d ago

It's already been answered. 12-14 hours for the main story. Multiply that by 2 for each karma, add in collectibles,side missions, plat trophy/ general messing around in free roam.

More than enough Infamous SS, methinks.

TheTowelBoy1657d ago

I've been saving myself since switching to Playstation.. this is gonna be my first plat on this platform!

MoB211657d ago

Yeah I know its been announced so idk why he had to avoid it lol. Either way extremely hyped

poboy9931657d ago

So the main character is a Starbucks hipster wearing tight pants and a beanie. Seems like a great choice for a hero. Can't wait to play this then trade it in for something else. Seriously though, it looks pretty.

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

"Starbucks hipster wearing tight pants and a beanie."


Yeah, i wish he was a muscular, generic, handsome marine with a buzz-cut and a leather jacket. /s

You do know this game takes place in Seattle, right? You do know Sucker Punch are from Seattle, right? They are obviously going to base the main character from a stereotype of the city they live in. I welcome the change, im sick and tired of generic males in videogames.

Btw, Delsin is only a hero if you play 'good karma'. Other wise he is an anti-hero.

"Can't wait to play this then trade it in for something else"

Who are you trying to fool? You aren't buying this game, you're just here to troll.

poboy9931657d ago

It's called sarcasm hense the reference to Starbucks. "Yeah, i wish he was a muscular, generic, handsome marine with a buzz-cut and a leather jacket." What's wrong with being a handsome marine? You got something against the military?

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )


That wasn't easily detectable all. I think you're lying.

No, i don't have anything against the military, why would i? But i do have something against the overuse of generic, military-type males in videogames.

"Sandbox game with no multiplayer after the story is done. How many times will you play through it before you get bored?"

Ok, now im 100% sure it wasn't sarcasm and you're just here to troll. Sad.

ArchangelMike1657d ago

Trolling FAIL. What are you going to trade it in for?COD:Ghosts? Yeah, knock yourself out with that!

poboy9931657d ago

Sandbox game with no multiplayer after the story is done. How many times will you play through it before you get bored?

Omran1657d ago


go and enjoy your titanfail :)

gobluesamg1657d ago

Poboy you are striking all the wrong chords. Give it up man.

Major_Glitch1657d ago

@poboy You jealous? Yeah, I'd be too if I didn't own a PS4. Btw it's obvious you've never played an infamous title before. So sad. You're missing out.

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ZodTheRipper1657d ago

Well it wasn't the hit everyone (including Sucker Punch) hoped for in IF2. I'd rather prefer InFamous 3 with competitive open world multiplayer.

Saithraphim1657d ago

I cannot wait to see the unannounced powers!

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