Do Graphics Matter? Best Next-Gen Controller? Mt. Rushmore for Gaming? – Twinfinite Discusses

Yami from "Welcome back to another episode of Twinfinite Discusses."

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WickedLester1657d ago

Mt. Rushmore of gaming...

Nolan Bushnell (Atari)
Shigeru Myamoto (Nintendo)
Yu Suzuki (formerly of Sega AM2)
Ken Kutaragi (father of the Playstation)

higgins781657d ago

Hard to disagree. Perhaps Sir Clive Sinclair in place of Nolan Bushnell?

WickedLester1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Clive definitely belongs in the conversation, along with many others. However Bushnell introduced the world's first successful mass market video game console. You can't NOT have him on there.

RiPPn1657d ago

Do Twinfinite discussions or articles matter?

nope1111657d ago

I really like both controllers now. Before the PS3 and 360 both had flaws.

higgins781657d ago

Both? Erm, you are aware that the Wii U has a controller aren't you...easily the most innovative of the bunch - like it or not. Of course you arent, because the blinkered self-proclaimed "hardcore" such as yourself cant see anything past semi-realistic FPS or "proper" controllers i.e same as before but for twice the price.

SteamPowered1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Easy guy. Im sure he meant no disrespect. The Wii U tablet is innovative, but can be uncomfortable at time. My arms actually fall asleep if I play too long. The Wii U does have a nice controller, dont get me wrong, but the console needs the tablet to function.
I have multiple consoles and a PC, and my preference is the 360 controller. To each their own.

shadowraiserx1657d ago

Yes,it matters,if not why people are expecting a "next gen experience",I love my FF4 and Secret of mana any day but if things can get better why not.

higgins781657d ago

3D Sonic games are good, 2D are bad...WTF!? No offence, but on topics such as the ones this panel are addressing the ages need to be more varied, not just a bunch of 20 something's. Natahan Drake representing Sony...erm, he represents ONE generation of Sony (thus far), surely there are better candidates who have been supporting Sony since PS1, hard I agree since they (Sony) sold most of their franchises up the river.

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