Dark Souls II Review (GodisaGeek)

Posted by Mick Fraser

It is a very simple ethos that drives Dark Souls II, and it’s one that will serve you just as well in real life: no matter what lies before you, you must keep moving forward. Within the very heart of Dark Souls II, these words echo even louder than they did before. That From Software’s newest adventure is punishingly hard will be no surprise to some (hell, if you’re a series fan, that’s exactly the reason you’re playing it), but the subtle changes will scatter tiny bones of contention everywhere for the gaming community to gnaw on.

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shammgod1659d ago

I am stuck at work and cant play yet :(
However, i did drive around and listen to the soundtrack at lunch! Black Armor edition!

BTW, the soundtrack is [email protected]#king EPIC!!!