Is EA Not Issuing Review Copies of Titanfall on PC?

Etgeekera "I’m used to not getting review copies of games from publishers. In fact, I would be exaggerating if I said that my success rate is better than 1 out of 10. So I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get a copy of Titanfall to review."

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Neonridr1619d ago

Funny how so many people on N4G were saying that the high review scores were for the PC version not the Xbox One version..

Gamer19821619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

The reviews were all done from an enclosed space in EA offices. Nobody got copies of the game at all so there was no way for those reviewers to confirm they were running retail versions of the game on actual xbox ones. Remember E3 and the Nvidia devkits for BF4?

Neonridr1619d ago

you know this for a fact that all the reviews were done in house?

ZeroX98761619d ago

yeah, reviewers were invited to an event. Eurogamer gave a pre-review, but no final score until they've tested it on their own network, compared to the internal infrastructure the event was setup to.

I saw some complaints about server issues for the PC version, but didn't saw anything for the X1. I hope that since microsoft is handling the servers and not EA (BF4 PC launch, anyone?), there won't be as much downtime and crashes (microsoft azure servers).

WeAreLegion1619d ago

I did find it strange that we weren't seeing any PC reviews pop up on Metacritic, but I can't imagine it makes a huge difference. The two versions are pretty darn close.

Gamer19821619d ago

720p and 60fps max compared to up to 4k and unlocked frames?? Your joking right?

ZeroX98761619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Seems like the PC version wasn't really optimized at all, for what I'm seeing in mutiple forums. I pre-ordered it for PC already, but I'm at work right now so I can't give my opinion yet.

mhunterjr1619d ago

Those things, while nice, wouldn't have a major impact on review scores.

Reviews give much more weight to how gameplay, balancing, replayability etc.

WeAreLegion1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Wow. Holy crap, guys. I was trying to be nice.

It's like no matter what I say, people will find a way to make it seem bad.

I'm not joking, by the way. No matter what resolution you're running it on, the PC version will only ever look marginally better than the Xbox One version. They didn't create it to be a high-profile graphics masterpiece. It's all about the game play.

Can you people go one freakin' day without being complete douchebags?

ZeroX98761619d ago

You're right about the version not being far from each other, but optimization is the culprit here.

frostypants1619d ago

@WeAreLegion: Well said. Bubs.

No1up1619d ago

You have to say pretty pretty please with sugar on top.

Evilsnuggle1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

The weirdest thing in the world is where is the 360 version ? I know that EA is in bed with Microsoft but why no show on 360 . EA getting paid no matter what. Why does EA care if Microsoft sales X1. EA gets paid if it sales on PC , 360 or X1 why are they so carving x1 sales. You would think EA side with the console with the most sales There are more PS4 and PS3 sold than 360 and x1.

younglj011619d ago

Also what seem strange to me is the 2 week wait for the 360.Why would anyone agree to that as developers?Respawn Ent. knew alot more then they are telling people.

mhunterjr1619d ago

What's strange. 1st, Respawn isn't making the 360 version. 2nd, The game ships with a day1 patch, so Respawn must have continued to work after the xb1 version went gold. A two week delay allows the development studio porting the 360version time to do the work.

If you don't buy that, you might say the delay was intended to encourage people to buy the xb1 version. If they don't want to get the xb1 , they'll get the 360 version. Either way TITANFALL gets a sale. Why would they disagree to that? They are essential uneffected either way.

mhunterjr1619d ago

EA wants there to be as many next gen consoles in the wild as possible. Ideally, They want a competition between the big three to drive down the price of the consoles, which would mean more people could afford them. Which in turn means that they have a larger overall installed base to try to sell their software to.

They are not 'sided' with MS. The just have a deal in place for a a couple games. The've done deals with other console makers on the past.

Simply put, it's in their best interest of all consoles succeed.

BluP1619d ago

EA seems to think along the same lines as M$: ie, "people are sheeple and easily controlled / manipulated". EA probably liked what M$ had going with their original plan and made a deal with them before XBone was even announced (my opinion!). So now, it makes sense that EA wants XBone to succeed so M$ will have leverage to implement their original Draconian DRM plan on the masses, thus more potential sales for EA and no loss from used games. EA probably figures that there's not much point in pushing 360 sales, because it's "old" and everyone will soon have either a PS4 or an XBone.

Again, this is what I THINK EA is THINKING. Just an opinion. I don't get paid by Sony and I owned both the original XBox and 360. So there!

Grave1619d ago

Even though I am not buying Titanfall I really hope they improve the textures and the AI for the PC version or else it's gonna be ugly.

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