Titanfall PC Version Held Back By Xbox One?

PC gamers who are looking at Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall to experience the "next-gen" of first person shooters will probably be disappointed to hear that the Titanfall PC edition suffers almost the same graphical issues the Xbox One suffers.

According to the tests done by the Digital Foundry, Respawn Entertainment had to cut back on a lot of effects and visuals in order to get Titanfall to run on 60 fps on the Xbox One.

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moujahed1589d ago

Mircosoft Microsoft Microsoft... when will you let your talent work instead of your pockets. You can't buy a winning team, just look at all of the coaches who tried... shame on you.

jonboi241589d ago

I don't know man, it worked out for the Miami Heat.

sonarus1589d ago

I am not a game developer and have no experience with such. But titanfall as a game looks weak graphically regardless of platform and I feel this has more to do with using ancient source engine than anything else

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moujahed1589d ago

By coaches I mean owners... Now I see why I got the dislikes.

No1up1589d ago

Wish this game had all the cool affects possible no doubt, but I'm still going to have a blast on it with my Xbox. Once H-hour drops it won't even matter.

WeAreLegion1589d ago

I can agree with all of that. Titanfall is awesome. H-Hour will consume a massive portion of my time though. I am so excited for that!

moujahed1589d ago

Honestly anything new for these consoles are welcomed. I purchased Awesomenauts for Christ sakes.

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brianunfried1589d ago

Lowest common denominator. Sounds familiar, last generation it was Xbox 360s DVD drive holding back the PS3 and PC when it came to 3rd party games.

morganfell1589d ago

I agree with you, but I do not think that is the problem in this instance.

The more sinister question is, was the PC version intentionally hamstrung so as not to far outshine the X1 version?

My question has nothing to do with whether it is your type of game or not or if you have fun playing it. I am not a COD fan but there are plenty of people that enjoy that sort of gameplay.

No, instead it has to be asked if MS pressured Respawn for marketing reason.

As regards the Source Engine not looking good, it is true it isn't the most capable engine in this day and age. However it can produce some surprising visuals. Dear Esther is a classic example.

If people read the article or better yet look at the Digital Foundry piece it is quite evident there are numerous next gen features missing that are now part and parcel of modern PC titles and the use of the Source engine in no way excuses the absence of such features

Either the decision was made by design due to corporate pressure or else Respawn are incompetent developers.

Kleptic1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

it isn't automatically either, least imo...

Respawn was founded by a group of guys that probably have a great idea of what 'their' fans would be looking for...and set about making that with as little overhead as possible initially (its likely this was well before any exclusitivity deals and marketing campaigns were drawn up by EA and MS)...

Source allowed that...CoD to this day still uses trace sections of Quake III's engine...while us 'non-fans' of CoD tend to complain about its dated visuals and now seemingly archaic gameplay mechanics...the titles sold extremely well...even Ghosts...Ghosts only failure was living up to its successors; but as a static video game...its still been a monumental success...

So to me at least...a lot of decisions behind TF are seemingly more methodical than you might think...'holding back' the PC version, from a tin-foil-hat business standpoint, doesn't make any sense to me...and that is simply because it was NEVER a PC-centric title fundamentally...Respawn knows how to build 'easy' console multiplayer games with little to no barrier to entry, of which then print money...going above and beyond to make a superior PC version with all kinds of extra stuff in there...was most likely never even considered...

honestly...if Respawn came out and said they never planned on a PC version until EA started signing contracts...and requested a PC version ONLY to push Origin on PC users...i wouldn't be even slightly surprised...its not in any way a typical PC game...TF is very much another console game with a PC version available...

n4gamingm1589d ago

Its running the source engine modified, wouldn't expect much on the visual department.

akaFullMetal1589d ago

Right it is the source engine, it doesn't look pretty, but you should expect then good performance. Which in the X0 scenario neither is there, which doesn't make sense.

Kleptic1589d ago

yeah have to say that surprised me...Gerstmann at Giantbomb (probably the only gaming media outlet worth anything anymore, imo at least)...claiming single digit frame rates when multiple titans get on screen...thats sad...

the PC beta never dropped below 100 fps for me maxed at 1080...and this is a system that struggles to keep BF4 above 60...its a pretty powerful gaming PC, but nothing earth shattering...just surprises me that the One would struggle with what seems like a pretty simple title...

thereapersson1589d ago

Thanks for the insight, kleptic. Have an interesting bubble on me.


Exactly! Someone who knows about gaming and what hes talking about. Tired of all the predictable fanboy trash...

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