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kingdip901502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Why won't this nightmare end! Dlc that is just outfits/items... insane!

AdmiralSnake1502d ago

Plenty of games do this, why is it a problem if they do it in Lightning Returns ? It's cosmetic items which does more than simply look good, so if people want to buy it, why not ?

Am I wrong for buying skins on league of legends also ?

kingdip901502d ago

Where did I limit my post to this one game?

rextraordinaire1502d ago

At least the game is complete on it's own and already has over 70 outfits to chose from.

It's not like they kept the epilogue behind a paywall or anything.

AdmiralSnake1502d ago

You never did, I just asked what's wrong with the cosmetic item DLC thing ? It's optional and if people want those things I see no problem in it honestly.

kingdip901502d ago

It changes the focus on how developers can profit from games, bravely default (a game I'm loving) for example has a pay for an extra turn system and while it doesn't take away from gameplay I'm very concerned that money grabbing gimmicks like this may become the focus of game devs one day. Ala farmville

joab7771502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I was sitting here thinking...what should I buy? Dark Souls 2, Titanfall, or FF13 whatever the hell it I can get some dlc for it? Hmmmm.

How is it that they can make something as stellar as FF11 and FF14 ARR and then make 3 progressively worse single player rpgs? Arent they known for that? Have they not played their own games? And games like Ni No Kuni prove that u can make a great traditional jrpg without altering everything.

dcj05241501d ago

What's most depressing is the MMOs have better stories than the actual Single-player focused FFXIII games.

AdmiralSnake1501d ago

Money Grabbing Gimmick ? What ?

The dlc makes perfect sense, if people want it they will buy it, if not they won't.

Fail to see the problem. They did this in FF13-2 and it was mere Cosmetic Items with no real enhancement tbh.

Also, who's to say WHERE and HOW a developer should dictate their business in terms of seeking profit ?

I've seen worse DLC tactics and schemes. This seems extremely minor and isn't on the level of lets Candy Crush ?

Simple Cosmetic Items, I see no problem tbh, to each is their own though.

e-p-ayeaH1501d ago

Dont like it dont buy it

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KonsoruMasuta1502d ago

Unless it's swimwear DLC, I'm not buying.

Iceman X1502d ago

It's not just cosmetic, these outfits all have abilities attached to them. This is part of the game, it's called Schema/Garb. Have any of you played the game? Doesn't sound like it, so why come to comment on a game you haven't played?

rextraordinaire1502d ago

Hey, I did, and loved the hell out of that game! :)

But today, it's time for some Atelier!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1502d ago

I refuse unless theres a squall costume

BranWheatKillah1502d ago

Give me all the costumes from each FF and charge $10 per game and you have a deal. $10 for some random samurai outfits is a joke.

Iceman X1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Nope most of the Samurai Garbs are very good, you have regen when life if low, you also have damage increase for the last hit of your combo.

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