Infamous Second Son preview: Being good is tough - Red Bull

Sucker Punch's Nate Fox talks to Red Bull about his new PS4 game.

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morganfell1470d ago

Only a few more days to go! THERE IS A SPOILER in the article if you haven't completed inFamous 2 with the good ending.

Same is true for this video but it looks like amazing gameplay with amazing graphical prowess. You can and should have both this generation:

Eonjay1470d ago

The visual fidelity is incredible.

Meltic1470d ago

Thanks for the Catch up !!. Im playing infamous 2 right now and im almost done . GREAT game. THanks again !. Have fun playing infamous second son next week !.

mkis0071470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

He vaporizes someone so only his shoes are left at 7:16 I am now going crazy! 9:34 looks like there is a shadow given off by Delsin afterall.

Eonjay1470d ago

Looking at their website, you may be surprised to know what Red Bull actually is. They managed to turn their brand into something of an icon which transcends the product that they sell.

WeAreLegion1470d ago

It's an interesting brand. They managed to stay in the spotlight and expand their business without looking too "corporate" for their main consumer base. I think a lot of that has to do with many of the higher-ups loving the sports and events they sponsor.

Meltic1470d ago

Ive seen you at all the infamous second son articles :). You cant wait eather ? :) hehe

profuel211470d ago

Um unless I'm wrong or somehow I missed this information i'm pretty sure they just gave away one of the powers as concrete in this article.

WeAreLegion1470d ago

It sounds like it's the main antagonist who has concrete powers. So, either you get that power at the very end to use in "Aftermath" or you don't get it at all. That's just my guess, anyway.

sorceror1711470d ago

Being good's always been tougher in the Infamous series. You have to worry about civilians. That made powers like "Thunder Drop" only rarely useful. As evil, you could just blow everything up, or even use civilians as a source of energy.

I always did two playthroughs - Good/Normal, and Evil/Hard, for that very reason.