Will Titanfall Save Xbox One?

Tuesday is the day that Titanfall hits the shelves, and the big question is whether the sci-fi shooter game will get the Xbox One from Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) back in the video game console battle that until now has been dominated by Sony Corp.’s (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation 4. Microsoft arranged for more than 6,000 retailers around the world to host midnight launch events in what most believe is a make or break product launch for the company.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One by an estimated 2 million units since both products were introduced back in November. The PS4 carries a list price of $399, while the Xbox One goes for $499. To attract new buyers, Microsoft has bundled Titanfall with the Xbox One for a price of $499, effectively giving the game away with the purchase of the hardware.

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Axios21656d ago


I love how the writers never mention that

PS4 = 57 countries
X1 = 13

Eddie201011656d ago


I love how people never realize that

PS4 is ahead in sales in all 13 countries that Xbox One was released in.

dedicatedtogamers1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

The X1 doesn't need saving.

But Titanfall isn't going to push it ahead, either, especially not with all of the technical problems it is having.

I agree, though. The 57 countries vs 13 is a bit silly. What? Are the Baltic Regions gonna skyrocket the X1 ahead? How about launching in Japan? Is that going to secure victory for the X1?

TomShoe1656d ago


Just you wait and see! Estonia, Denmark, and Sweden are totally going to give the Xbox One™ a HUGE leg-up in WW sales! I'll show you all!


morganfell1656d ago

It will change nothing. Titanfall barely made a dent. When the PS4 is available it rockets to the top. The PS4/Infamous bundle went straight to the top at Gamestop and it has not budged. It didn't move the entire week plus prior to the Titanfall launch.

For a short time the PS4 was available on Amazon. It has since sold out. But as soon as it was available it shot to number 1 and stayed until it sold out passing everything in the process.

There is no doubt EA is looking at the sales and realizing they have committed a huge error. You can fully expect news at E3.

Sony is unstoppable this generation. MS threw everything they had at Sony. They took a game from the creators of Call of Duty, locked it for launch and threw the weight of their marketing behind it and the market didn't flinch.

There should be some very concerned people at Redmond right now. Very concerned.

Fz6soldier1656d ago

I like how Xbots ignore the fact that everything outside of the N America, Eu, and Japan isn't adding that much to sales. PS4 would still be dominating with only the big 3 territories.

frankied1011656d ago

Did last gen have this much sales talk? I won't be playing with people from those countries anyway so idc. If I get my exclusives and the system lasts.... Who really cares?

Flamingweazel1656d ago

Because its irrelevant idiot, MS is already in he 13 it gets 95% of sales from, the rest nare tiny countries like saudi arabia, you dont seel the same in the US as a tony euro country. X1 might get an extra 1 k a week max get a clue.

corvusmd1656d ago

Yup...XB1 doesn't need saving....people can chill out now

Majin-vegeta1656d ago

You may not think it needs saving but M$ sure as hell does.*coughpricecutcough*

GarrusVakarian1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


I love how you always forget that the PS4 is outselling the X1 in each of those 13 countries. So even if the PS4 was only available in the same places as the X1, it would still be "winning". If the demand for the X1 is already this underwhelming in the 13 countries that MS deems most crucial/important, selling in the same amount of territories as the PS4 wouldn't help much at all.

Demand is the most important factor in sales, not amount of territories, you can ignore that all you want, but it's fact. I'll make sure to keep reminding you of that fact.

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JBSleek1656d ago

One more article like this and I may go crazy.

djplonker1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I was the same with titanfall articals... previews , trailers , first impressions , reviews , will it save the xbone , will it be the next cod... and so on but in two weeks there will be very few gladly!

Fz6soldier1656d ago

I think the whole TV gimmick is already dead. I don't hear anyone talk about X1 TV/voice command anymore. So far it looks like the only people interested in Titanfall already have an X1. if X1 doesn't catch the WII U in a year or two, then I would expect MS to pull the plug or sell.

JBSleek1656d ago

"then I would expect MS to pull the plug or sell."

No lol

IanVanCheese1656d ago

Never gave a shit about TV since live TV is all but dead anyway, unless you're a sports fan.

But the voice command stuff is as cool today as it was the day I got it.

beebap1656d ago

Voice all is needed is microphone.

IanVanCheese1656d ago

Beebap: Agreed, I think MS should have juts buil the kinect mic into the console itself and made the camera optional.

The auto sign in and occasional kinect feature are good though (battlefield lean, Dead rising shaking off zombies, Kinect sports rivals stuff).

WilliamH1656d ago Show
djplonker1656d ago

No because there are better fps' s out there with bigger maps bigger player count vehicles and destructable environments!

It could be the next cod though but thats not been good for awhile...

bennissimo1656d ago

^^^Failure of imagination here.

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