Brian Karis leaves Naughty dog

Brian Karis: "I've returned to Epic. It's felt like coming home. ND wasn't a good fit for me. Yep, the tight turnaround time is really strange."

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GarrusVakarian1591d ago

Does anyone know how long he was at ND and what he worked on?

Sucks that it didn't work out for him, but you gotta do what you wanna do and go where feels right for you. All the best at Epic!

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GraveLord1591d ago

I don't think anyone knows or care who he is.

"Insert witty Naughty Dog doom remark here"

GarrusVakarian1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Well, he must be good at his job for 2 of the most high profile studios in the industry to accept his application...and in the case of Epic games, accept it twice.

So, i for one care about him and his talents and what he brings to the industry.

Ulf1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


Most of the actual game industry greats you can pass by at places like PAX without even realizing it, because you never see their faces on N4G.

I don't know this guy either, but he's probably more important than most of the knuckleheads who yammer on to the public about whatever they think will net them some good advertising. If he's an engineer (and it seems like he was a senior graphics engineer at Epic, from reading the other comments), he is WAY more important than you might think.

frostypants1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Yeah, the relevance of this to the gaming public in general is nil. Not sure how this made the headline banner. N4G is turning into People magazine for gamers. In any event I imagine this is a relief to a project manager or two at Epic.

Akuma071590d ago

No you are completely right. None of us care about this news. Not one bit.

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christocolus1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

He was a senior graphics programmer at epic before joining ND. Helped work on unreal engine 4 and led their graphics team for a while.He was the guy who showed off epics infiltrator demo at siggraph last year.

I dont think he stayed at ND for long, 2 to 3 months at most because siggraph was in june last year and at that time he was still at epic. Corrine Yu is also a senior graphics programmer so that could have influenced his resignation too.

GarrusVakarian1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I wonder why he left Epic in the first place? Senior graphics designer for one of the biggest studios in the industry, obviously in a good place...curious as to why he would risk that join ND. Well, i guess any dev would jump at the chance to work at ND, lol.

He was at ND less than 2 months apparently.


Haha. Now he's running back to Epic to tell them everything he learned at ND. Epics reaction to the gained intel -

k3rn3ll1590d ago

Pretty sure the guys who made unreal engine 4 don't need to spy on nd as their new engine dwarfs the capabilities shown in uncharted 3 and TLOU. Everything in TLOU has been done on pc for a few years now. Plus it seems like epic is moving more towards a tech company than a developer.

solid_snake36561591d ago

He scrubbed the toilets and swept the floor at the ND HQ.

DevilishSix1590d ago

When naughty dog has a programmer like Corrine Yu, he pales in comparison to her accomplishments.

neogeo1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Bingo.. Your not far off. He was a big deal at Epic and when he went to ND. They were like "look boy." We don't make greasy looking Unreal Engine games here and give out BJ's to MS. We make the best games on Earth and you need to start out at the bottom into you learn to program like us. Now go get your shine box!

faysal1590d ago

he probably misses beign the go to guy at epic... cz at ND they have so meny talented people that your ego will be crushed before you enter the building. just my thought

hkgamer1590d ago


but realistacally it would be the work culture that made him go back.

Or maybe traffic or commuting times were terrible going to ND studios.

SephirothX211590d ago

Have you heard of Tim Sweeney? He is the creator of the Unreal Engine and founder of Epic. He worked single handedly on Unreal 4 since 2008 until he let others work on it in 2010. So I think he would be the go to guy at Epic.

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ifistbrowni1590d ago

When i first saw the title i thought, "what the hell is going on with naughty dog!?"

Then, i read the official statement.

Clunkyd1590d ago

Looks like a young John Travolta

assdan1590d ago

I guess super short. Probably barely even involved in the development of any games.

Eddie201011590d ago

Who knew he arrived at naughty dog, don't remember it being news when he joined Naughty Dog why is it news when left. Doesn't seem that news worthy to me.

Don't wish him anything bad and hope he has a good career at Epic. But it wouldn't be news it it didn't involve Naughty Dog.

pain777pas1590d ago

Spy.... I spy with my little eye a fraud.

k3rn3ll1590d ago

Yup because unreal engine needs help getting on par with TLOU. TLOU could've been done as a pc game at least 5 years ago without any drop in fidelity


"Brian Karis leaves Naughty dog" a

and not a single solitary f*ck was given...

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-Foxtrot1591d ago

You see how this is different to Hennig leaving

The guy didn't think it was a good fit for him, he publicly stated it, he's moved, he's more closed

No rumours, no sources saying one thing, no drama etc

Just saying since in those articles about Amy people were saying it was just another person leaving the industry when there was a lot of stuff "off" about it. Brian leaving is a example of "just another person leaving"

Mister_G1591d ago

Must be a slow news day, no wait... Titan Souls 2 :-\

Salooh1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

She said she's moving on too . That's good enough for me. She's a great loss but she didn't create Uncharted 2 which is the best one so they can live without her. Even if this is the last Uncharted game naughty dog can make better new ip's , the last of us is a prove for that.

Naughty dog said before that each generation will get a new ip. Uncharted 4 shouldn't exist , maybe that's the reason why she left. Because they want to move on. She did her last job and quit. That's my guess.

Whatever the reason is naughtydog will survive..

-Foxtrot1591d ago

I was talking more about the rumours going on behind the scenes and being "pushed" out and leaving a franchise she helped create half way through development, she's always there helping out doing rewrites when they are doing mo cap.

I doubt thats why she left. ND have two teams now and they get to choose what to work on, she probably could of moved to the other team creating a new IP if she wanted.

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Mr Pumblechook1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Holy sugar. It's difficult to know what to make of his tweet; "ND wasn't a good fit for me. Yep, the tight turnaround time is really strange."

On one hand it seems innocuous enough, but on the other it is a polite but critical comment on the way Naughty Dog run their ship. To do this publicly isn't very professional unless he feels strongly that there is something that needs to be said.

Christopher1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

In this day and age of scrutinizing why people move around, it actually came off as very professional to me. He said it just wasn't a fit for him (meaning, it wasn't an issue with ND, just they were two different types) and he does feel strange about the quick move back to his old job.

All of that before someone makes an article like "Karis pushed out of ND, forced back with Epic."

Raf1k11591d ago

I thought the 'tight turnaround' was about work deadlines too but I think cgoodno is right about it being more about his quick move back to Epic.

ZombieDust1591d ago

Whats not professional about getting ahead of bullcrap rumors and speculation?

k3rn3ll1590d ago

Im almost positive that he meant his own turnaround time with jobs not ND. Like answering the question before its asked

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callahan091590d ago

No, the reason the the world is trying to make a deal out of Amy leaving is because Amy is a famous name that people were aware of. She is an established and popular designer. She's one of those Sid Meier, Will Wright, Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami, etc. type of people in this industry, so when there is news regarding her and she leaves her company, it becomes a media sensation. This guy, nobody has ever heard of him, he isn't a high-level guy, he isn't a project lead or a famous designer... He's just a no-name employee, so nobody cares enough to throw out media sensationalized speculation about him.

Sy_Wolf1590d ago

She's a writer, not a designer.

callahan091590d ago

You're just arguing semantics. Designer, use the term, don't, whatever, the FACT is that she was the creative director/game director in charge of development teams on all 3 Uncharted games, and on Soul Reaver, and other games dating back in her career. You don't want to call that a game designer, fine, but the fact is that she was never just some employee... She was the creative director for the entire company at one point! She was the leader of the entire 150+ person development team on the Uncharted games. She has been described as the most influential woman in the entire gaming industry for multiple industry-leading publications including Edge. Argue semantics if you like, but the point of my post is still valid... She was a famous industry leader, that's why her story gets a lot more media attention than some random programmer who only worked there for 2 months.

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Septic1591d ago

Anyone know what he means by tight turnaround time?

WeAreLegion1591d ago

He wasn't there very long.

bleedsoe9mm1591d ago

probably barely got unpacked

Septic1591d ago

Ah okay. I thought he was referencing the turnaround time for ND's projects.

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Activemessiah1591d ago

Sounds like they're running a tight ship in ND... doesn't suit some people I guess.

Death1591d ago

They are running a tight ship or they are imploding. Without more information we have no idea. Time will tell.

hulk_bash19871591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

After creating one of the most critically acclaimed games this past year, I highly doubt they are anywhere close to imploding. Unless it's from the hype surrounding their next project.

GW2121591d ago

He was employed by ND for a little over 2 months. Rumblings are that it was a bad hire and he wasn't able to find his niche within the team.

Hicken1591d ago

Look at Death, stealth trolling a usual.

Why would they be imploding? No, seriously, WHY? Coming off three straight critical and commercial darlings, what would be causing them to implode? What is there to even indicate that?

You talk about Sony "selling a lot less PS4s." Compared to what? The launch months when they're supposed to sell more than they will on average? Is your brain broken?

Tretton's been with Sony for nearly 19 years, and PlayStation is at a high point; if you're gonna leave and do something different for the first time in two decades, now's the time. It sucks, but at the same time, are you saying he should stick with Sony until he dies? That's unreasonable. Twenty years is an admirable tour of duty.It'd probably be unfair for me to bring up the new head of Xbox and how dedicated he is to the companies he works for, huh?

Two people have left. TWO. One may have been controversial, which is unfortunate, but all we've got is suspicion. The other only JUST got there and decided it wasn't for him. Hardly the biggest deal ever, and most of us even here on N4G have never even heard of him. Not a big deal.

I wager you weren't making the same sort of noise when Molyneux left, when Rare was gutted, when Cliffy B left Epic, when Bungie bought their contract from Microsoft. But somehow THIS is a big deal to you?

Death1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Hicken, you work at Target. How many PS4's have you received since January 1st? If Sony isn't selling 700k a week and are down to 170k a week, where are the consoles? If Sony isn't selling them and you aren't getting them, chances are Sony isn't making them. It's absurd to think Sony simply quit, but they have obviously cut production significantly since their revised fiscal projections were announced. Jack announced his departure 30 days after Sony confirmed they were projected to lose a billion dollars instead of make 400 million.

Playstation is popular right now, not at a high point. A high point would have been in 2002 when Playstation accounted for 11% of Sony Corps annual profit. Last year Playstation accounted for 0.2%. The 4 years before that there was no profit made.

Dirtnapstor1590d ago

@ Hicken & Death

Sounds like you two need marriage counseling! Lol!
Supply and Demand gentlemen. Read up on the concept and how businesses implement strategies for successful ventures.

Why o why1590d ago

The only thing I see imploding is my brain after reading that nonsense based off a guys 3 month spell. I suppose we can all dream right......Lol

rainslacker1590d ago

I don't know about imploding. That is probably a bit extreme. There has been a lot of restructuring going around at Sony in the last year though. Because of this, running a tight ship may be the more likely scenario.

I think Jack leaving was because he's been doing it for so long and he either has personal reasons for doing so, or he did want to leave on a high note. No one can really claim that it was Jack's fault that the company didn't do well, as the division he ran did pretty well.

As far as Henning, that's still debatable, but it's likely people are making that out to be much more than it is as well. It may be years, or never, before we find out the truth, and the truth probably doesn't really matter in the long run. Making games are a team effort, and while Henning was certainly instrumental in that effort, the company will survive without her.

For this guy, if he hadn't of tweeted something, we wouldn't even have this article. Senior programmers aren't generally public faces of the company. Sometimes people just have trouble adapting to a different work environment, or it's possible he just preferred the work environment over at Epic. I can't speak to ND, but I've taken tours of Epic and have met quite a few people that work there, and it seems like a pretty nice place to work.

kenshiro1001590d ago

You really can't help yourself, can you?

Ezz20131590d ago

WOW wait,they are imploding after they made the most awarded games in history and two of most critically acclaimed games ever(UC2,TLOU)?!

do you even think before you type ?!

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Dark111591d ago ShowReplies(1)
Volkama1591d ago

No nothing like that. He just saw how Nathan Drake dies in Uncharted 4 and realised that such insider info didn't contribute to his happiness.