'The Crew' Will Have A 4 Hour-Race, Coast To Coast On The Road Is One And A Half

Since it was revealed last year at E3 2013, we haven't heard a whole lot of details surrounding The Crew, but with some new information that recently came to light, we know how long it'll take players to drive from one side of the world to the other.

Julian Gerighty, who is the creative director on The Crew, talked about how long it will take players to race from one side of the game's map to another, as well as what sounds like the craziest race we've ever heard of.

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Neonridr1659d ago

I remember the old Test Drive Unlimited game had some pretty length races. To drive around the perimeter coast of Oahu took over an hour to do in the game. 4 hours is even crazier.

creeping judas1659d ago

It was called The Millionaire's Challenge if I recall. It was a frigging awesome race!!

Redspeed931659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

You recall correctly :)

DOMination-1659d ago

There were 2 such races in tdu I believe the other was called tour of the island. One you had to do in under an hour and the other had traffic (I think)

The Crew sounds great. TDU and Horizon were amongst my two favourite games of last gen. I hope for something similar

Magicite1659d ago

4 hours and you can't pause it? do you, enlighten me, please?

J-R1659d ago

A 4 hour race. I come in second by 0.1s. I toss my controller and bust my TV.

Anyone play Fuel? Some of the races and trophies took ages to get from start to finish. The game would usually crash before I made it to my objective.

UltraNova1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Lets hope they iron out all bugs and glitches cause it would be real bad if it crashed at the 3hr50min mark into that race...on your second or third try to come first!

Now then you could throw your controller anywhere you like!

Kinda reminds me of some Final Fantasy super boss fights of the olden days..

C-H-E-F1659d ago

That's not the crazy aspect of the race.... losing and having to do it twice....NOW THAT'S CRAZY!! lOl

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alextdarling1659d ago

I get bored from 10 minutes; nevermind 4 hours...

clmstr1659d ago

Then this is just not your cup of tea...As for me, I love endurance races.

MajorLazer1659d ago

Endurance races are the best! Completed both the 24 hours of Le Mans and 24 hours of Nurburgring on GT5

dcj05241659d ago

Gotta have some Endurance son!

RuleNumber51659d ago

I hope there's cruise control or auto-driver so I can use the bathroom during the race.

s45gr321658d ago

Lol it would be hilarious to come back from the bathroom and see your car crash. In all seriousness I am pretty sure you can pause the game

The Meerkat1659d ago

At least its not laps.

I remember GT on the PS1. 60 lap races.
The trick was to get a 1000bhp skyline and put a book on the accelerator. Then the car would bounce off every wall on the track but still get round in 1st place.
Then come back 2 hours later and claim your prize car.

MrSwankSinatra1659d ago

so you're gonna compare a game that came out in 1998 to a game that supposed to come out in 2014?

s1xt6en1659d ago

I'm thinking the same thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.