USA Pre-Order Chart 03/08/2014

Latest pre-order chart for the week ending March 8, 2014.

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alb18991622d ago

TITANFALL is getting some deserve attention .

nicksetzer11622d ago

Crazy part is I don't know anyone who preordered it, most just picked it up today, no need to preorder. So, actual sale number must be crazy.

1622d ago
Galletto31622d ago

Yea a lot of people are going digital for Titanfall (testing the waters for digtital as it were)so they didn't need to put down pre-orders.

ABizzel11622d ago

Good pre-order numbers, 1:9 attach ratio on pre-orders alone. Could be the first Week 1 million seller of the generation, and it should be the best week 1 for an XBO game with (COD 500k sales week 1).

Technically speaking COD PS4 is in the lead with over 700k units at launch (including EU launch which was 2 weeks later).

Elit3Nick1622d ago

There is no preorder incentive so it's better to just pick it up or download it

k3rn3ll1622d ago

One reason to preorder this is the digital dload wont start till midnight pacific so if ur on the east coast u have to wait till 3am. At least that's what I've been told

combatcash1622d ago

I know a few people that have it pre ordered and some that are buying the bundle so it appears that it's going to help them move systems.

Ashby_JC1622d ago

I have never pre ordered a game. There are so many places to buy games I can't see major releases selling out.

I actually went ahead and downloaded titanfall. (First digital purchase on Xbox one)

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SilentNegotiator1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

If you think that COD with a twist deserves a lot of attention.

But then that's a matter of opinion, I suppose.

nicksetzer11622d ago

It is, and A LOT of people won't buy it due to that. (It being an fps that is, cod with a twist is a bit understated) but most xbox gamers are multiplayer mainly gamers, as i would say most ps gamers are sp geared. Neither better than the other.

Gunstar751622d ago

You obviously haven't played it.

supes_241622d ago

I agree. I logged on to this morning to check it out and I kept comparing it to COD and BF. Although it is a different version, so to speak, but really similar to the two.

SilentNegotiator1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


People running around for the one-hit melee kills so that they get rewards that further tip the balance in their favor (faster titan fall)...yep, nothing like COD at all. /s

diehardmetallicafan1622d ago

there are a lot of fools in the world

Bigpappy1622d ago

Never mind COD is the number one game sold on ps3 and probably ps4 also

SilentNegotiator1622d ago


It's the people that constantly dump on COD that are praising Titanfall when it isn't that different from it. That's the issue. COD is one of or the top seller on PS3, X360, PS4, Xbone.

k3rn3ll1622d ago

Be silent when grown folk are talking blindness! :)

Wizard_King1622d ago Show
rainslacker1622d ago

COD always gets a lot of attention, so if it is like, or is somewhat like COD, I can see it selling well. By attention I assume you mean sales of course.

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Axios21622d ago Show
TooHigh2Die1622d ago

IMO if TitanFall was multiplatform It would sell more on PS4. Look at the list other games like Destiny and WatchDogs are further ahead than the Xbone versions.

Xbone finally has their good exclusive while PS4's comes out next Friday. But this time next year Titanfall will be a afterthought with games like Uncharted and hopefully LOU 2 will make the Xboners cringe with envy.

BX811622d ago

Grow up and enjoy gaming. All you're doing is buying the damn thing, it's not like you used any creativity in this process. You're blind loyalty is exactly what MS/Sony look for in their sheep.

k3rn3ll1622d ago

First off ur mad if ur hoping for TLOU2 BY next year.

Second Titanfall outsold infamous in preorders showing a higher attach rate for march exclusive on xbox. So it might not be entirely accurate to say it would sell more on ps4 then xbox. Xbox has always had a higher multiplayer community when it comes to fps

TooHigh2Die1622d ago

I wasnt stating LOU 2 would be released next year just an announcement for the game, and BX81 I had a wii,360,PC, and PS3 I just thought PS3 was the best overall.

Xbox may have had a higher FPS community last gen but clearly this gen with higher sales for Bf4 and COD PS4 has taken over in that regard.

cozomel1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


Get your facts right, Titanfall didnt outsell infamous in preorders. Infamous has over 600,000 preorders, whereas Titanfall has 385,000.

Fan kids

tiremfej1622d ago

@cozomel, are you being serious? You are actually using info from that site as news? Wow.

lemoncake1621d ago

Good luck getting two good games from one developer in the same year

cozomel1619d ago

Yes, im serious, and where are you getting your info from? oh yeah thats right, vgchartz, a bastion of accuracy.

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Fz6soldier1622d ago

LOL, 360 version and PC version are 16 and 17 on the list. what does that tell you? X1 owners are starved for this game. There are far more 360s and PCs out there than X1s. Destiny doesn't even have a date and it's killing the titanfall version on 360 and PC.

Wizard_King1622d ago

PC gamers already have to much to play to worry about sub par hype fueled COD clones.

Ch1d0r11621d ago

If it doesn't sell good it will show us how powerful those 3 little letters are with the younger crowd. (COD)

Best wishes to Dark Souls 2, hope it sells 1-2 million lifetime. Love that series.

Fz6soldier1621d ago

how do you disagree with facts? must be butt hurt fanboys.

ChrisW1622d ago


Those 80+ disagrees is just the simple-minded baaing you often hear on N4G.

HammerKong1622d ago

thing is that people are not believeing it here,i tell them why they are sad,first is titanfall is having more preorders on xbox one tha on any other platform and yeah titanafall on xbox one is having more preorders than infamous ss on ps4,the simple reason is titanfall is having more anticipation than infamous ss,no body care about what ps4 fanboys anticipate more,not saying i'am not anticipating infamos but titanfall is an fps and is not an cod with mecks.

TGF_Zero1622d ago

PS fanboys are tight, hahaha look at all those disagrees lol

Alsybub1621d ago

I would imagine those agrees and disagrees would be switched if it was on a certain other system. ;)

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Team_Litt1622d ago

DAT TitanFall! Less consoles sold, most pre-ordered software. I call highest selling next gen game on single platform by end of March. Yup, that confident!

Christopher1622d ago

Would have to beat the almost 2m sold of CoD:Ghosts on PS4 for that... I'm not seeing that at all by the end of March.

Team_Litt1622d ago

I thought killzone had more than 2 million sold and that is what I was aiming for.

Christopher1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Not likely to do that, Team_Litt. Even KZ:SF took a few months to get to 2m+ sold. CoD Ghosts still has the most sold on both platforms, though.

Team_Litt1622d ago

I'm gonna stick to my guns on this one, CoD, Killzone or otherwise. 2.2 million by end of March.
Also, can we have some moderating up in here cgoodno?

MysticStrummer1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Still waiting on the predicted big bump in XB1 sales due to TF. The attach rate seems to be mostly people who already have the console. For the week of March 1st PS4 still more than doubled XB1 sales, despite PS4 dropping 64% from the previous week and XB1 gaining 19%.

But, these numbers are simply estimates from more than a week ago so we'll see.

Edit - @disagrees - Ok, you win. The numbers are rock solid and XB1 is doomed… doomed I say… DOOMED!

; )

mhunterjr1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Well the tf bundle didn't hit store shelves until today, and preorders wouldn't have shown up in last weeks report. The announcement of the bundle would have held some people back from buying the console last week, unless they were getting an in-store bundle of equal value.

We won't have an accurate picture until next week...

SG1_dapunisherX1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

You deserve those disagree. Wtf you talking about lol we get it you hate xbox doesn't mean you have to troll. Man lie, Women lie, TF number don't

MysticStrummer1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"We won't have an accurate picture until next week…"

Agreed. Next week and the next few weeks.

"Man lie, Women lie, TF number don't"

You missed my point. TF numbers are only part of the equation. If TF's numbers are high, but PS4 can more than double XB1 sales despite a 64% drop vs a 19% gain for XB1, that means the attach rate is mostly people who already have an XB1.

You also missed the part where I said the numbers were estimates of how the market was over a week ago. If you think what I said constitutes hate then I don't really know what to tell ya except calm down.

D-riders1622d ago

yeah call of duty and metal gear is 30 bucks

Ra30301622d ago

Let's see if it can out sell Knack. Let's not get allllll it'll sell more than Call of Duty cause that's just kooky talk. Plus CoD has sold right around 2 million on the PS4 and we don't know for sure that the X1 cable box has sold more than 2.2 million. VGChartz may have a higher number but Microsoft will only confirm the shipped number. Soooo there's that.

Fz6soldier1622d ago

Infamous will quickly jump ahead. look and TF Pc and 360 sales. it's flipping like a fish.

SilentNegotiator1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"Less consoles sold, most pre-ordered software"

Uhhh, easy to be the most pre-ordered when all of the other big games aren't a week before launch. Look at how many of the preorders are from just the last two weeks.

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jimbobbeers1622d ago Show
Geobros1622d ago

Mario Kart 8 is doing well for a Wii U game but...I was waiting more.

Metallox1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Pre-orders were "sold out" on Amazon USA as well. Mario Kart 8's case it's wierd.

wonderfulmonkeyman1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I think that's just a weekly rate, though.
The total preorders for the game are going to be pretty large in the end, I'm sure.

mhunterjr1622d ago

Wow, the titanfall attach rate is going to be extremely high.