Armillo Hands On Preview (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo gets some hands on time with Fuzzy Wuzzy Games upcoming Wii U title Armillo.

"Overall Armillo played quite well on the PC. The graphics, music, and sound effects were all pretty great for a new indie studio. The story left us with quite a cliffhanger and we look forward to playing more to find out what happens on Armillo’s adventure on the various planets. For a 3D action, adventure puzzle game by a small indie studio, Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has presented an impressive game. Gamers will have to wait a bit longer for Armillo, since it has been delayed until May 12th from its original March 24th release date, but with the additional time for polish and debugging Armillo is sure to impress."

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higgins781621d ago

Nothing to see here folks, no foul language, guns or semi-realistic graphics i.e everything the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' deem worthy. God forbid a developer would inject a change of pace into the jaded now predictable console scene.