Dark Souls II Review - "Flawed By Design" [NoobFeed]

Daav from NoobFeed tackles the colossal giant that is Dark Souls 2. Beautiful expanses open up a world to get lost in and also lose life in. Despite meticulously crafted character enhancement and differing approaches, its qualms are plentiful and aggrandized by its own design.

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hulk_bash19871655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Haha a website called noobfeed not liking Dark Souls 2 is pretty hilarious.

Master-H1655d ago

Casual review ahead..(same could be applied to Madam Sessler's review)

SteamPowered1655d ago

Why not a casual gamer review? He made some good points regarding death in abundance, and some flaws within the game. I thought it was a good review. The Hardcore's that have beat the first game to death may be a bit biased.

Captain Qwark 91655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

well i dont think you should say "flawed by design" in a review unless it actually was. to me that indicates a broken game, such as the features included do not work. Most of the things he complains about are while the souls fan base loves it so much. example and i quote....

"This also makes the game uncompromising. One dodge too soon and the enemy will capitalize on it; one overzealous sprint into darkness and a pitfall will take everything away. Death is always around the corner. Any death sets back the journey with a loss of humanity and that comes with a strip of health filed off. With that, the odds start stacking up. Steeper and steeper, getting felled resets the play even harder, starting from one of the bonfire waypoints, which allow for fast travel between regions. Receiving fewer tools and being expected to do better also heightens the likelihood of inevitable “re-death” and that can grow dangerous, as the health bar quickly turns to a nub. With helpful items being finite and costing souls in the process, it’s a dangerous gamble to waste resources on.

Sadly, these reoccurring loops are the end of the freedom handed out in Dark Souls 2. Fewer means require mandatory grinding periods, locking players to certain areas until they can be overcome. Making matters worse, enemies disappear after a certain amount of deaths, to prevent this very advancement, leaving no means to climb back up. That sets a certain impassable bar of progress when facing bosses, since just about anything can kill instantly in Dark Souls 2 already, but all of the otherwise impressively statuesque bosses have one-hitters aplenty. No matter how advanced a character, facing a champion is the equivalent of demanding a perfect run. Any one sidestep and it’s back to square one, meaning an endless amount of repetition to play these odds."

this is the design of the game and what fans wanted. its not a matter of wanting to be punished but we want a challenge as many in this community are tired of games that hold your hand which is virtually every game released today. i for one am most excited for being penalized for dying. in demon souls your health was halved while hollow, in dark souls it barely seemed like there was any punishment thus i played nearly the whole game hollow. i want a reason to make my humanity mean something and to give me a reason not to run recklessly into an area because death will cost me. this is far better design i think.

all that said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if its a 7/10 to him, so be it but he should word it better because anything more than those changes and those who are actual fans of the series would have been upset had they catered to his likes. if it aint broke dont fix it

Palitera1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

^ Exactly, Captain.

I'm a fan from the series since Demon's Souls release (okay, I'm not hardcore because I didn't play King's Field :P ) and I call it perfect design!

Why? Because the results of it are exactly what the developers wanted.

SteamPowered1655d ago

That's fine that's what you are into, but for someone who has never played the franchise, this is good info. Knowing that your health bar gets shorter and shorter while the enemies remain difficult would turn a lot of people off of this game. There is no harm in being informed. And yes, if your health bar gets shorter and enemies remain impossible, that will inevitably leave you without the health to continue. That to me sounds like it could eventually turn into a flaw. No health and impossible enemies, that disc would go right out the window.

IamHaru1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I agree Captain Qwark 9, but I thought his major concern was actually this (which seems legitimate in my eyes):

"It isn’t just trial upon trial though, as there are also plenty of technical flaws that will bury the perfect structure of design Dark Souls 2 has built its combat on. Nigh impossible progress is set on muscle memory in addition to luck as the deciding factor. Collision detection is filled with holes, probably due to the immense size of the RPG, allowing enemies, but not players, to hit through walls. That leads to death. Just about any boss or taller enemy will see weapons clip and vanish through any texture undetected. Swiping through a boss or fully going through them, instead of detecting the hit, leads to death. Environments can trap players in place, causing automated death. Audio cues can come in seconds later, not prompting danger in certain places. Moreover, pop up issues allow enemies to go undetected until it’s too late, due to entire segments of the connected level design not loading on time. These things, once more, lead to death."

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SCW19821655d ago

Sessler never reviewed the game it was someone else who he posted the review for. Get your facts straight before making accusations.

Master-H1655d ago

You're right, i guess he's been busy unloading dat Smart Pistol on some unlucky bots..oh boy isn't that difficult and skill requiring.

TomahawkX1655d ago

there should be a rule, only reviewers that have beaten Dark Souls 1 may review Dark Souls 2.

IamHaru1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

The author actually brings up legitimate gripes (if they are indeed true). It seems like a realistic review that Demons/Dark Souls fans (including myself) just immediately dismiss because it comes with a 72/100 score (thus screwing with DS2's chance at AAA status on aggregate review sites). For everyone who just jumps to conclusions, he does have high praise for many aspects of the game. It's just that the glitches seem to ruin it for him.

Palitera1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Dark Souls II currently holds a 91.07% (21 Reviews) on GameRankings. It is higher than: Assassin's Creed II, Killzone 2, Fallout 3, Borderlands 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dishonored. Are these not AAA?

And, finally, higher than Demon's and Dark Souls.

It is an average, thankfully, and it is very good.

IamHaru1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Palitera, I'm just saying that for fanboys like us (who want the game to receive the recognition we feel it deserves), a 72/100 can be a huge hit to an average. I feel similarly about Gamespot's 7/10 to the new South Park game (which I am currently at the end of and LOVE). So, sometimes, we will lash out at reviewers when they bring up things we don't think will be an issue (despite not having played the game yet in this case).

Now, I totally understand the backlash on his critique of the unforgiving nature of the game... but, the supposed glitches? That's legitimate if true.

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