The Bitter Duo: It’s About First Impressions, And The Order: 1886 Made A Bad One

In EGMR's show, The Bitter Duo, two writers discuss the new gameplay footage of The Order: 1886, and why it failed to make a spectacular impression - with the exception of its visuals.

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GarrusVakarian1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yeah, that tiny snippet of gameplay of a game that could still be in development for the next 6 months was probably representative of the entire game, so pre-order cancelled! /s

mrpsychoticstalker1653d ago

Didn't notice about the avatar, no problem. I will change later.

GarrusVakarian1653d ago

Haha, i was only joking dude, i wouldn't seriously ask you to change it ;)

PoSTedUP1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

i thought it looked great. just the theme of werewolfs during the times of Jack The Ripper spells something new and has me Sold. and im pretty sure that was just the broccoli, ill wait to judge it when i get a taste of that beef.

arika1653d ago

The order 1886 is probably my most anticipated game this year, second is infamous SS(which i preordered already)and next would be drive club. Im sure the next time they are going to us some gameplay its going to wow us even more.

badz1491652d ago

contrary to this bitter duo, I'm loving the concept that they've shown so far. and with no MP planned, I'm intrigued to see what the story is all about. RAD has made excellent GoW games on the PSP and they made Daxter too which easily sits in my favourite PSP games list.

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ArchangelMike1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Just off the top of my head I can list a number of games that had great first impressions, but later turned out to be crap - Alien Colonial Marine and HAZE come to mind. But then again how many games have had lackluster firt impressions but went on to be phenomenal games. Demons Souls and Dark Souls come to mind here.

Heck look at Watchdogs, great first impression - not so great second impression.

In other words, it's a bit pre-mature to make start making judgement calls on unfinished games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Funny thing is I could have sworn when the gameplay leaked as gifs there was nothing but excitement for The Order. It wasn't until the actual gameplay trailer came out in it's entirety that people felt disappointed that it's a "generic 3rd person shooter." Anyone that has been following what [email protected] had been revealing about The Order knows that the gameplay trailer didn't show most of the things they talked about such as destructible environments, the unique weapons, the different types of enemies such as the 'werewolves', open areas (which some screens have shown), and I'm probably forgetting some other stuff too.

plaZeHD1653d ago

Game is coming out in less than year and it has been almost a year since they announced it. And the best they could show off was that tiny uninteresting glimpse of gameplay, so you see where he's coming from.

Gabnet1653d ago

I also thought they showed too little but c'mon man, you know they're teasing.

OsirisBlack1653d ago

I still stand by what I said earlier come E3 a lot of journalists are going to have to eat some serious crow.

BX811653d ago

As far as what? I didn't catch your earlier comment. Thanks

delicia1653d ago

Seems you are quite... the joker.

Akuma071653d ago

Anyone who looked at that gameplay and wasn't impressed is a moron.

It seems these morons have taken the same view that Colin Moriarty at IGN has. That this short snippet of gameplay is representative of the entire game....

Even though we have already heard of many different gameplay mechanics.

plaZeHD1653d ago

Well isn't that the point? They don't just show their stuff just for the hell of it.

lelo1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

In all honesty, I liked The Order: 1886 graphics but I didn't find the gameplay anything special. Well it's too soon to judge.

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Team_Litt1653d ago

A first impression is a first impression. These guys cannot speak for how the game may or may not change for the better future. All they can do is report on the current status and how do you feel about it.
There is absolutely no reason for anybody to get defensive and or sarcastic about this first impression.

Nobody is condemning the game based on a first impression, that said, this impression is as valid as the next positive one.

iceman061652d ago

I agree that they are fully entitled to their opinion of this first impression. I also feel that people are being a bit too defensive. However, I also feel like judging anything from a 2 minute tease with less than 15 secs. of actual gameplay is a bit short-sighted.
It's really just the nature of the beast on the internet. People attack and people defend. Which creates this cycle of being defensive and wanting to attack. Not saying that it's right, especially considering that most of us are supposedly "adults". But, it is what it is.
As for me, I wasn't overwhelmed with positivity nor was I disappointed. But, I didn't go in with any expectations. I LOVE the concept and the art style. I am excited to see what they release when we can get some actual, hands-on gameplay footage.

BABY-JEDI1653d ago

I think I will Order the Order.
; )

CrossingEden1653d ago

I've seen WAY more pre-alpha demos that not only ran better but also showed off their new interesting game mechanics and/or set pieces way better.
^ this is how you show off a game that's in development. Unlike the Order 1886 none of these pre-apha demos have framerate issues. Like these guys put it, the order 1886 demo they showed was like a pretty girl that makes you fall asleep when you talk to her and it didn't show anything interesting concerning the characters, gameplay comes first before graphics, any day of the week. Hence the reason why people are defending the fact that Dark Souls 2 got a significant graphics downgrade compared to last year's footage.

GarrusVakarian1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Irrelevant links, they are completely different games with different devs, different deadlines, different in every single way. To compare them at their alpha stages to The Order in it's alpha stage is illogical.

I saw you in the comments sections of the preview opinion piece stealth trolling, just like you're doing here. Give it a rest, the developers themselves assured us that the part of the game they showed off was completely unoptimised and not QA tested at all.

If that's all Ready At Dawn felt they could show, then that's all they could show, as i already said...the game still has a lot of time in development and we have seen VERY little. How about we actually give the devs the benefit of the doubt here? We ask for new IP's all the time and the moment we get one we scrutinize 2 minutes of gameplay footage that couldn't possibly be enough to form an opinion of the entire game.

Personally, if that's what the game looks like in alpha and only has a few hiccups, then im very excited. Can't wait to see more at E3.

But i know you don't really care about this game, you're just trolling.

webeblazing1653d ago

i didnt knew people could have an impression of a teaser. that like someone saying hi, and you already have an opinion.

Team_Litt1652d ago

It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression when it comes to human interaction s so your metaphor is flawed.

webeblazing1652d ago

Naw that's usually a bad habit. People jump to conclusion doing that. You actually have to take time and get to know. If I did that to all the games I didn't like after a teaser or the first 10mins of playing I would of missed out on a lot of great games

medman1652d ago

I almost shed a tear when The Witcher 3 devs announced that game wouldn't be coming out in 2014. If The Order:1886 gets pushed to 2015, I'll definitely start crying.

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maniacmayhem1653d ago

I'm hoping to see more of this game, but when it was revealed to be a 3rd person behind the back shooter my interest did drop a little.

But I love the setting, style and steampunk theme it has going for it. I wish they would show more of this game and soon.

classic191653d ago

third person, is the best way to play shooters lol, i luv seeing the body of the person.

badz1491652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

that's what she said (?)

Silly gameAr1653d ago

Is it time to take a dump on the Order? Nah, been to much dumping on games lately on here.

starchild1653d ago

A lot of people just love to be negative and hate on things.

Team_Litt1653d ago

So you would prefer that they keep the impression to themselves? No negative impression is to be shared because you are tired of games being dumped on? What exactly are these games that bean dumped on in recent times?

monkeyDzoro1653d ago

More like the "silly" duo. LooL.

mochachino1653d ago

Everything I've seen of the game looks great, not revolutionary but I love a story driven experience.

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