Review: Dark Souls 2 (New Gamer Nation)

The time has come for the cult favorite Dark Souls to receive a sequel and this time the developers promise not to make it easy. Then again, the game was never easy to begin with, yet that is part of the reason why so many RPG fans love the Dark Souls franchise. It brings them back to a time when you had to get better at the game to continue the story and victories were hard-fought. Thankfully, From Software knows their audience and you’ll get the same tough-as-nails gameplay with all the rewarding victories gamers loved about the franchise. If you love Dark Souls, this game is going to be right in your wheelhouse.

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TheLyonKing1620d ago

So So excited for this game: demon and dark souls were amazing and as weird as it sounds i enjoyed dying, it wasn't frustrating just made me more determined.