Face-Off: Dark Souls 2

Out with the old and in with the new, Dark Souls 2 offers up the biggest technical overhaul to the series so far. With a new directorial team at the helm and a purpose-built engine bringing the eerie world of Drangleic to life, developer From Software uses the opportunity to trial new rendering techniques on PS3 and 360 in advance of their appearance on next-gen platforms. But while we're left with a string of upgrades in physics, lighting and effects, there are also some cutbacks we hadn't expected to see.

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yewles11653d ago

Wow, this sequel's a mess.

Hugodastrevas1652d ago

It's amazing that using a new lighting system, havok clothing and a new graphical engine on a game run in 7+ years old consoles and pc can be considered a mess. What were you expecting? 1080p at 60fps?

aquamala1653d ago

so bad tearing or bad framerate or wait for PC version

"Performance is largely a sub-30fps affair for Sony's console"


Hugodastrevas1652d ago

"This is something we hope the delayed PC version might clean up - though given the developer's barebones approach to its last port, expectations should be carefully managed here"

Let's forget completely that From Software had NO obligation to make a pc version in the first place to, instead, look at what entitled little shits the pc elitists have become. Even in a comparison between PS3 and Xbox360 they need to stuck their nose. We get it PS3 and Xbox 360 are old, we get it! Next time i see a petition to get a console game i like ported to pc i'm saying "screw it, they don't deserve it". Ungrateful bile-filled bastards...