Evolve PS4, Xbox One & PC Release Date Leaked - Rumour

NowGamer: "A posting for Evolve on an Australian retailers website could reveal Evolve's PS4, Xbox One and PC release date."

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Mikefizzled1624d ago

I thought I had read it was evolving in August a while back?

Salooh1624d ago

I remember them saying it will release between september and november.

urwifeminder1624d ago

Steam will be my place to play this one , should be interesting.

DanielGearSolid1624d ago

Wish the characters were customizable...

SageShinigami1624d ago

September? So, you're sending it out there to die next to Destiny. Not cool.

WeAreLegion1624d ago

1) That's a Saturday. No...

2) That would put it up against Destiny. Nobody is that stupid, no matter how good their game is.